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New Visions Give Hope in Dire Times

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Beyond Silence

New visions give hope in dire times.

All our creativity and imagination must come together to create something new that lasts.

I try to create a timelessness, to transcend boundaries, to bind – to unite and not divide – with the hope that others will see that too.

May what is created be large enough to include everyone – that each viewer anyplace in the world could find some connection, some grace, some beauty that speaks to them.” – Nancy Earle

Feather and Fin

Mother and Child

Circle of Friends

Earth, Jewel of the Cosmos

1936 EDWIN EARLE Hopi Kachina Lithograph Print

Nancy Earle was first introduced to the power of art to communicate through image and color by her father, Edwin Earle, who lived among the Hopi and honored their ceremonial life through his paintings of the Kachina dancers. The beauty and imagery of native and Southwest art began to inspire her own paintings after she spent a summer at the art Institute in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico following her graduation from Trinity College in Vermont. Returning to the States, Nancy went on to study art at the University of Vermont and later at Montclair University in New Jersey where she earned her masters degree in art in 1972.

After entering the Franciscan Order in 1967, Nancy’s artistic vision increasingly became an expression of her chosen spiritual path. In 1984, Nancy set up her Wellspring studio in rural Maine where she further developed her distinctive use of color, powerful symbols, and archetypal figures. Her paintings illuminate the sacredness that surrounds us and explore our responsibilities to the world in which we live. Using images of the moon, sun, water, mountains, vessels, and trees, she creates rich visual metaphors that touch her viewers’ deeper knowing and work to dissolve barriers of culture and creed while revealing patterns of our true connectedness. Her paintings seek to enlighten and transform as well as to heal the fissures of separation.



About Nancy Earle

Nancy Earle’s work has appeared in exhibits in galleries, divinity schools, libraries and theater foyers and retreat centers throughout the United States. Her colorful paintings have been exhibited at the National Liturgical Arts Council in Chicago (1984), the Ohio Biennial (1985), the Sacramento Liturgical Exhibit (1986), the International Earth Ethics Forum in Tampa, Florida (1991), the “Earth and Spirit Conference” in Jacksonville, Florida (1992), and at a special invitational exhibit entitled “Remembering the Columbus Encounter” at Bucknell University, Pennsylvania (1992).

She has had exhibits at Harvard Divinity and Episcopal Divinity in Boston. She has received an Award of Excellence (1986) and Honorable Mention from ML Modern Liturgy magazine, and she won first prize at the Sacred Art Exhibition in Brunswick, Georgia (1996).  Additional exhibitions include: The Gruppe Gallery in Jericho, VT. and the Blue Hill Hospital in Blue hill, ME. and the Clare Gallery in Hartford, CT.

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