“Progress is the realisation of Utopias.”
― Oscar Wilde

Veggie street troughs, walls of algae. Serve yourself sides, pay in plant sweet-talk.
Chips in pets replace leash & cage. Suffering is shunned. Fauna, food no more.
Home-labs grow burgers. Nutrition’s our medicine. Sugar forgotten.

In e-dance centres, acid tests, aya bubbles: souls sprout & entwine.
Minds trip in dream dens, entanglement space travel: new realms, our neighbours.
Knowledge downloaded, inner children learn release. Shadows are embraced.

Higher selves are whole. Basic income guaranteed, everyone creates.
Art swings in fruit trees, chalks foot paths, adorns fences: Civic galleries.
Lyrics write through us, riffs dispensed to fingertips. Collective songs mix.

Sexual slant & gender, flow. Words inadequate, we just choose colours to fit.
Tough kids tantra hard. Sex became divinity, porn became a bore.
Vulnerable’s hot. Love is unconditional, constellations taught.

Holographic shops sate fashion’s craze without trash. Skirts for all, of course.
Cells regenerate. Pharma drugs & crime outdate. Now, we meditate.
Oceans replenished. Free energy accomplished. Human, nature, one.

About Catriona McAlister

Cat McAlister is a poet, environmentalist, and engineer. She performs spoken word with the Barcelona Poetry Brothel (Prostíbulo Poético). In her writing, she is fascinated by the balance of light and darkness. She is currently finalizing her first poetry collection which explores the topic of rebirth through sex, science, and feminine power. Recent publications include the Libro Rojo vol.11, Whirlwind Magazine, and the Other Worldly Women Summer 2020 Anthology.

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