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Summer 2018 | Unlearning Together

Shedding the limiting beliefs and cultural assumptions that hold us back from co-creating a more loving world

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“True unlearning is the process of bidding farewell to detrimental cultural programming, fostering imagination and awe in relation to life, discernment and empathy in relation to our world, and community and Eros in relation to one another.”

— Martin Winiecki, Keynote Contributor, Summer 2018









Editorial | Awake, Awakened, Woke!

by Rhonda Fabian in the premiere edition of Kosmos Quarterly, Summer 2018 In our collective dream, we are racing toward a precipice. Earth’s human…

Sacred Politics: Getting Past Collusion and Illusion in a Post-Truth World

by Glenn Aparicio Parry  "We may feel we are living in a post-truth world; but the good news is that a larger truth is being gestated. Our American…

In Search of Lost Hope: Theatre Against All Odds in Afghanistan

By Hjalmar Jorge Joffre-Eichhorn, via HowlRound In the dark times, will there also be singing? Yes, there will be singing about the dark times.…

How Today’s Youth-Based Movements Are Breaking New Ground 

By Mark Gerzon, for Kosmos As a veteran of a “youth movement” myself, a student of generationally-driven movements around the world, and now an…

INTERVIEW | Andreas Weber on ‘Matter and Desire’

"...I am convinced that every living being is able to understand on a very basic level what it means to be alive and that's being alive as a sentient…

Sacred Activism | Movement for Global Healing

By Martin Winiecki, for Kosmos "Activism doesn't become “sacred” merely because it works “on behalf of” something sacred; but by recognizing,…

Meet the Editorial Circle

Kosmos Quarterly, Inaugural Edition

Kosmos convenes a new Editorial Circle, each season. This intentional group of global thinkers, healers, activists and artists come together for 100 days to cross-pollinate ideas and share the fruits of their practice around the emerging theme of the Quarterly.

"In addition to examining and changing our personal inner lives and our cultural values, the conscious activist is challenged to apply this wisdom to strategies that affect the manifest world. We balance action and reflection, working with a fierce heart at all scales from the personal, to local, to national, to global and even kosmic levels."

— Nancy Roof, Founder of Kosmos