The Kosmos Mission

KOSMOS is an ancient Greek term meaning the harmony and beauty of the universe wherein all parts have their place within the Whole.

Our mission at Kosmos is to inform, inspire and engage individual and collective participation for global transformation in harmony with all Life. We do this by sharing transformational thinking and policy initiatives, aesthetic beauty and wisdom, local to global.

The Shift, Great Turning, and New Story are words used to describe what many are experiencing as a growing ‘movement of movements’, an awareness worldwide of the need to examine and restructure political, economic, and social systems to align more closely with the needs of humanity and the Earth. The threats to life brought by climate change coupled with global economic crises are entering mainstream discourse as adversity trends to be feared, yet at the same time are providing impetus for personal transformation, practical efforts to cope at the grassroots level, and international initiatives for the common good. As threats have accelerated, so have the seeds of resilience and adaptation sprouted everywhere.

A growing community of noted authors, local and global activists, world spiritual figures, economists and ecologists are speaking urgently of a world in crisis and of a simultaneous awakening across many fields of endeavor to an elevated consciousness, no longer based on greed, competition, and scarcity, but one informed by fresh expressions of cooperation, ancestral wisdom, community-building, sharing, and innovation at all scales from local to global.

For nearly twenty years, Kosmos Journal has sought to encourage and amplify many of these voices and share their messages with policy-makers at many levels. Kosmos resonates to the urgent and emergent concerns of our time, sharing transformational models and insights of those in service to a more loving future for All.

Our initiatives include:

Kosmos Journal Quarterly | a peer-reviewed e-journal of transformational writing, spoken word, video, music and art. Each Kosmos Quarterly is a deep dive into a special theme through the lens of transformation.

Editorial Circles |Kosmos convenes a new Editorial Circle, each season. This intentional group of global thinkers, healers, activists and artists come together for 100 days to cross-pollinate ideas and share the fruits of their practice around the emerging theme of the Quarterly.

Kosmos Community | Our growing community of engaged global citizens, working at the edge of transformation stay connected through our bi-weekly newsletter.

Kosmos and the UN | Kosmos enjoys special consultative status with the United Nations and participates in UN events and initiatives throughout the year.

Kosmos Live | Our podcasts explore the realities of the shifting global landscape. Balancing a sober understanding of the collective challenges we face, with heart-centered response, our guests share their personal practices, strategies, and insights to help us manage our strong emotions and step forward to play positive proactive roles during these challenging times.

Kosmos Media | A unique public/private partnership with Immediacy Learning enables Kosmos to develop transformational video, webinars, live events and online learning. Subscribers to Kosmos Quarterly and members of our community enjoy special access to these offerings.

Kosmos Events | From small-group gatherings and courageous conversations, to our annual retreat, Kosmos offers a series of face-to-face events that are screen-free, uplifting and healing.