Hansa Piparsania

Hansa Piparsania

An independent writer-photographer and art curator, Hansa is a visual artist deeply interested in art, culture and design. An avid traveler, she has explored and lived in many countries. With dual Master’s degrees in Business Administration (IMI Delhi) and Social Media Communications (Sophia Mumbai), her time in JWT Mumbai (in advertising), FM Radio Oman (as live anchor), Madras Craft Foundation (in media and marketing), always ran parallelly with her passion for art history, research and photography.

Hansa’s creative contributions have featured in travel and lifestyle journals whereas her work with National Museums in Bangkok, Thailand and Manila, Philippines, while spearheading the Museum Lecture Series, gave her the forum to make insightful presentations on Indian art, culture and history. 

Through her camera lens, she observes life with a unique perspective, always looking for new ways to see. With an innate desire to see more, she lives with the mantra of being constantly mindful. Hansa is currently based in Delhi, India

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Sy-Zy-Gy | The Close Union

Journal Article

“A full moon night, a new moon sky, lunar and solar eclipses are such occurrences when planets align – to bring magic to the universe. In many cultures, this astronomic alignment is seen as a sign of divine intervention. Artist Sarla Chandra invokes this magical phenomenon in her latest series Syzygy – that explores the cyclical movement of celestial bodies in the cosmic world.”