Kosmos Call for Essays and Other Works

We now accept submissions on a rolling basis.

Kosmos is the journal for transformation in harmony with all Life.

Kosmos welcomes submissions that are thoughtful, truthful and inclusive. While we do not promote specific religious views, Kosmos is spiritual in nature and we embrace all faith traditions grounded in goodwill.

We want to amplify your deep analysis and regenerative thinking in the fields of spirituality, governance, education and justice, and promote intentional ways of living in harmony with all beings and as global citizens.

The ideal submission is based on your direct experience of transformation – this might occur through personal practice, art, beauty, nature, science, in a relationship, in community, at an organizational level or in some other way. If you are consciously living a path that supports your transformation and the transformation of those around you, we would love to hear from you. For example, maybe you are deeply engaged in the work of Earth justice, supporting Indigenous rights, or the rebalance of wealth. Or perhaps you have transformed fear, grief or trauma in a way that you feel could support others experiencing their own dark night of the soul.

Please avoid ‘preaching’ to our readers. It helps to avoid phrases like ‘we must’ and ‘it is imperative that we…’ Instead, speak from your heart and based on your experience. At the same time, recognize that all experience is subjective. None of us has all the answers or the complete truth.

Acknowledge your bias, as well as your privilege. Uplift others.

Kosmos accepts no sponsored content. Please do not promote your product or service. If you wish to submit a well-thought-out critique of some aspect of contemporary culture, please back up your claims with scholarship and citations.

It is not possible for us to make decisions about your submissions immediately. It may take a couple months to receive a reply. We read everything and evaluate your work based on grammar, originality, validity of premise, similarity to other works and pertinence to our readers. It is an honor for us to serve our readers and be stewards of your precious works. We are not a paying publication at this time, but we are pleased to welcome you to the Kosmos family, with the guarantee your work will be read and appreciated by an international audience.

If you are a transformational artist, musician, or filmmaker, reach out with an inquiry via email first, at info@kosmosjournal.org

General Guidelines for all Works

We strongly advise you to become acquainted with Kosmos before you submit something. Editorial preference is given to members.

Please submit all works as Word documents with a file name “Full Name_Title,” and include your email address in the header of the document.

If you are submitting poems, you may include up to three poems in a single document.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere. 

If your work is accepted by Kosmos, you agree to grant us the right to publish it first. If your work subsequently appears in print or online, you agree to give credit to Kosmos Quarterly. We agree to contact you for permission to reprint your work.

Upon acceptance, we’ll ask you for a brief bio (50 -100 words) and a JPEG photo to accompany your work. Do not send us a biography until we request one upon acceptance. We want to read your submission based on its own merits, not past accomplishments. However, in your email please tell us in a sentence or two how your piece(s) supports our current theme. When we make decisions, we consider the best and most creative approaches to that theme.

Once your work appears in Kosmos Quarterly, please wait one year before submitting again, unless invited to do so.

Thank you for entrusting your work to us. We will read it with gratitude and respect.

For all essays and poetry, please use the submission form, below. NOTE: It is only possible to upload one document per submission.

For all other media and artist inquiries, contact info@kosmosjournal.org directly, with the subject line: Submission Inquiry.

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