The new Kosmos Quarterly invites you to submit an essay up to 1000 words, or other works such as video, film, spoken word, art, music and poetry. We will choose several works to publish in our Quarterly and others on our website.

The theme of the Inaugural Quarterly is Unlearning Together, shedding the limiting beliefs and cultural assumptions that hold us back from co-creating a more loving world. What do these two words – unlearning together – bring up for you?

Due: April 15, 2018

Before you submit, take a look at our guidelines. We may refine them as we gather experience with submissions, but these are a good start.

General Guidelines for all Works

Do not send the Kosmos Quarterly – or any publication, for that matter – an early draft. As Robert Graves contends, There is no such thing as good writing. Only good rewriting. Always send your best version.

Be sure to proof your work before you hit “Send.” Punctuation, spelling, and grammar are all important elements of a written work.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere. We will be happy for your success.

If your work is accepted by Kosmos, you agree to grant us First North American Serial Rights and Electronic Archival Rights. At publication, all rights revert back to you. If your work subsequently appears in print or online, you agree to give credit to Kosmos Quarterly. We agree to contact you for permission to reprint your work.

Upon acceptance, we’ll ask you for a brief bio (50 -100 words) and a JPEG photo to accompany your work.

Check our website and newsletter for updated themes and deadlines. We will make every effort to respond within one month after a deadline. If you haven’t heard from us by then, feel free to contact us.

We are not a paying publication at this time, but know that your work will be read and appreciated by an international audience.

Poetry Submission Guidelines

Kosmos Quarterly is looking for thoughtful, well-crafted poems – both in traditional and experimental forms – that will inspire and delight our readership.

Please send 1-3 previously unpublished poems per issue. By “unpublished” we mean either in other print or online publications, (not including your personal website or blog).

Greetings from Carolyn Martin, Poetry Editor

Welcome to a new feature in the new Kosmos Quarterly: poetry. We are thrilled to add new and established poets to the community of essayists, musicians, videographers, visual artists, teachers, healers, and visionaries who enrich our publication and the world. We’ll be posting poems both in the Quarterly and on our website so poets have ample opportunities to have their voices heard.

Before you submit, here is some writerly advice gathered from decades of experience:

Ask poets who are conversant with the art and craft of poetry to critique your poems. Friends may be complimentary, but they may not understand what makes a good poem.

Every publication and poetry editor has an aesthetic bias whether they want to admit it or not. So please don’t be offended if the Kosmos Quarterly says it is not the right home for your work. I’ve been submitting poetry for years and have learned that what doesn’t fit one publication is a perfect for another. It’s all about making sure you are sending your best work and finding a home that will embrace it.

If you’re not collecting rejections, you’re not doing the work of a poet: sending your work into the world. I’ve challenged myself to “earn” 100 rejections this year. (I made it to 87 last year!)

Happy submitting – and we are honored that you would entrust your work to the Kosmos Quarterly.

For all written works, please use the submission form, below.

For all other works, send queries to

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