Our Scarlet Blue Wounds

On the heels of something great, I’ll take you there.
Consider failure the cause celeb it is. Let’s build a new world.
Out of clay, let us hew a stone absent despair;
aaaaaaafrom 55-year-old timber, let us whittle a new age.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaLet Love love whomever it loves.

We will build new cities near rivers and deep within valleys.
And in the times of fire and flood, we will lift
like eagles to aeries. Let us bleed red blood everywhere
aaaaaaaand bear our scarlet blue wounds.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaLet Love love whomever it loves.

We will mark every soul with magic –yes! –
and return to the dust that’s prepared for us.
May we, the old, die young; and you, the young, live forever.
aaaaaaaMay we agree to return here again.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaLet Love love whomever it loves.

Previously published in a slightly different version in Emmett Wheatfall, Our Scarlet Blue Wounds (Newberg, Oregon: Fernwood Press, 2019).

About Emmett Wheatfall

Emmett Wheatfall is a poet and playwright. His poetry collection As Clean as a Bone (2018) was a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Book of the Year and Da Vinci Eye awards. For more information about Emmett, visit http://emmettwheatfall.com.

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