he wants us all
gone from Amerikkka
purge all  52
Main Streets     there’s a
main street in every
state your name for the record and
your color state your
color me paranoid color me
afraid of civil war
I would gladly leave this country
voluntarily than stay and be forced to leave this  earth
if all the colored people
black and brown go
back where we came from it will
be a pretty bleak bland
picture   BLAXIT
all spices are coming with us along with
sweet potatoes / peanuts / mac’n cheese / ribs
all greens are coming  also watermelon / peaches / mangos,
all berries / coconut/ pineapple/ avos
pears can stay      coffee will come and all manner of liquor and whiskey
we harvest chocolate   so it’s coming
gone by sundown
goners we will be if we stay
I don’t have a country but no
matter I will find something
you-all will have
no music it’s
coming with us jazz
and rap and soul and be-bop and
blues    always blues
you all can have country
western and classical
we’re taking Beyonce, Toni Morrison,
Oprah, Rihanna  you
can have Kanye
Wakanda is us
all black inventions will come   like
ice cream / peanut butter
potato chips / guitars
traffic lights  / elevators
refrigerators / lawn mowers
baby buggys

we’ll take all living poets of color from
the beat period on
Pete Seeger was wrong:  this land IS your land
enriched by   OUR blood /sweat / tears

About Joanne Godley

Joanne Godley is a practicing physician, poet, and writer residing in Alexandria, Virginia. Her lyric memoir was a finalist for the Kore Press Memoir contest and received honorable mentions in the Deborah Tall Lyric Essay Book contest and the National Woman’s Book Association contest.Her poetry chapbook is forthcoming this summer.

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