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The Indwelling Spirit

Of the spiritual things we hold in common, the first and most obvious is the direct, daily experience of the super-conscious entity that dwells in every human body. This direct, daily experience is fundamental to any definition of “spiritual commons.” Beyond this, we hold everything in common that leads to this direct experience and everything that flows from it. Thus, the direct experience of humanity’s Indwelling Spirit is both the foundation of our spiritual commons and the source of all other spiritual commons, commonalities, etc. worthy of the name.

For example, we can also claim the four classical pathways leading to this direct experience as an important part of our spiritual commons. These are: the study of knowledge about the Indwelling Spirit, devotion to the Indwelling Spirit, actions known to be pleasing to this Spirit, and the technology of introspective self-transcendence that frees our attention so we might directly experience It. Interestingly, each of the first three classical pathways all include at least one introspective technique derived from the fourth. Also interesting is the fact that the regular, daily use of one of these proven techniques soon kindles a strong desire to embark on all of the first three (study, devotion, and right action).

What should we know about this introspective technology (i.e. the introspective techniques based on universal principles of human neurophysiology and consciousness)? We should know that, when one of these techniques is used, our attention naturally and effortlessly moves inward because it finds the pure, Indwelling Spirit more charming than either the busy surface or even the serene depths of our minds. We should know that, as proven over scores of generations, the daily use of a technique derived from this technology permanently fuses our surface minds and humanity’s Indwelling Spirit into the fully integrated state of mind called “Enlightenment,” “Divine Grace,” and the like.

Cosmic Rose engraving from Amphitheatrum Sapientiae Aeternae by Heinrich Khunrath (1595). Wikimedia Commons, CC-PD

The qualities of thought, intention, communication, and action that flow from the regular, direct experience of the Indwelling Spirit are also an important and practical part of our spiritual commons. In the Indwelling Spirit, these qualities pre-exist as pure, undifferentiated, positive potential. However, when given the opportunity that a widening channel between our personal field of consciousness and the Indwelling Spirit provides, this potential flows in abundance into the pre-conscious area of our surface minds where our thoughts and intentions first form. It is here that the Indwelling Spirit’s pure, positive potential differentiates into eight qualities of thought, intention, etc. They are: steadiness; joyfulness; empathy, compassion, and generosity toward all others; and creativity, intelligence, and wisdom in the pursuit of our day to day goals and objectives.

All human virtues come from one or a combination of these eight qualities. This means that the direct, repeated experience of humanity’s Indwelling Spirit is the inexhaustible source of all that is good in human thought, intention, and action.

If the direct experience of the Dweller in our bodies; the four common paths to this experience; the eight positive core qualities that naturally flow from this experience; and the fully integrated state of mind that results from the daily repetition of this direct experience are our spiritual commons, what else can we claim? We can rightly claim that these eight qualities are so fundamental and powerful that, as they influence every choice we make in life, they bring us the happiness, interpersonal fulfillment, and material achievement adequate to our needs. We can rightly claim that, when a tiny minority of any community directly experiences humanity’s Indwelling Spirit, the positive change in that community’s social harmony and economic vitality becomes scientifically measurable. And finally, we can rightly claim that social harmony and economic vitality are the two most important enablers of environmental stability.

Divine within

Thus, in the final analysis, our spiritual commons includes the direct, daily experience of the Divine Spirit Within and everything leading to and flowing from that experience. This includes the means of freeing our attention so we can become united with It each day. This includes the fully elevated, permanent state of mind that results from this daily experience. Our spiritual commons includes the pure positive potential that flows upward from the Indwelling Spirit into our personal field of consciousness where it manifests as humanity’s eight positive core qualities of thought and action. And, our spiritual commons includes the communal harmony and economic vitality that result from the increased expression of these qualities any time a small, threshold minority of the population begins to cultivate them directly from the Indwelling Spirit.

Is there anything else we can claim as our spiritual commons? We can claim a divine mandate to have this direct spiritual experience each day and encourage others to join us by any one of the first three classical paths (knowledge, devotion, or good works) provided it includes the daily use of the ancient, effortless technology of introspective self-transcendence. Why is this mandate part of our spiritual commons? Because the Indwelling Spirit is not indifferent to the suffering and discontent plaguing humanity. Because the direct experience of the Indwelling Spirit is the only light capable of illuminating and elevating every life. And, because the absence of this direct experience has lead to an intractable global matrix of suffering and discontent that is as compelling as it is unreal.

If we who dwell on topics like “humanity’s spiritual commons” do not bring the gift of divine potential to the point of manifestation in ourselves and others and to the point of consequence in our communities, who will oppose humanity’s growing matrix of darkness? Who will advance humanity across the threshold of our fourth global r/evolution and lead others by example into the next phase of our evolutionary ascendency? Who will spread the introspective technology that is the key to the removal of our personal and collective limitations; and who will save humanity from itself by re-harmonizing it with the natural world? Who will make it unnecessary for our increasingly Orwellian institutions to curtail our personal freedoms, drastically limit our standard of living, forcibly reduce our population, or some combination of all three? Who, but those of us who know that humanity’s spiritual commons can and will heal our planet.

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