The Fairy Begs for Bacon


Dear Bacon Lady, I’m sorry I didn’t just go ahead and
buy you the savory meat that you showed me you wanted
once upon a time on line in a grocery store.

Your smile, with its few rotted teeth, was haunting. You ducked your head to
display your worth: beneath the white-skinned patroness.
Well, giving people a dollar has become reflexive.

Excuse me, I’m shy of humans, their salt-laced connections.
Forgive my mortal laziness. Did I miss a blessing?

It would fit that you’re not only poor, but homeless – though somehow
you’ve moved in with me. But I think of you roaming the city, a

latter-day fairy, with tests of large, messy caring.

About Becca Menon

Known for her musical storytelling craft, Becca Menon’s works have been hailed internationally from the Middle East to the United Kingdom. This translator, editor, and author of rhythmic fiction has many pieces in print and online. Discover recordings and some surprises at BeccaBooks.com.

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