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Message from Haiti | Inspiration Between Two

Roodly Laurore’s Note:

Haiti, in recent times, has cast an anchor both nationally and internationally. Haiti is a republic with a democratic option where all the institutions are now totally obsolete. We are now talking about chaos: no deputies, no functional senators, no magistrates, no president, and no courts. The three powers of the state are non-existent. The country is currently experiencing acute poverty linked to poor governance and widespread corruption. Then, add a series of natural disasters like the earthquake of January 12, 2010 and that of August 14, 2021, not to mention several cyclones. These chronic problems dating back more than thirty years result in a vertiginous rise in insecurity which, in a certain sense, destroys the very foundation of society and has led to the assassination of president Jovnel Moise on July 7, 2021. Theft, rape, and kidnapping are the means used by many armed gangs to make money.

In this unhealthy diabolical atmosphere, I forced myself, under the threat of these armed men, to leave my home to go and live elsewhere in extremely difficult situations. I patiently wait for the opportune moment to return there. The country becomes hell for these daughters and sons to the point where all the young people have only one goal: leave the country by any means. Some go to Chile, others to Brazil, and sometimes to the United States or Canada in search of a better life.

Traders close their doors to settle in the Dominican Republic, resulting in an increase in the unemployment rate, causing at the same time unprecedented misery. It is true that Haiti is plunged into darkness, and we do not yet see the way out, but as long as there is LIFE, there is hope.

May God Bless Haiti!

Roodly Laurore

Jerrice J. Baptiste’s Note:

It is a pleasure to collaborate with my uncle Roodly Laurore. He introduced me to poetry at a very young age in Haiti. He was my first mentor and the one who I return to for wisdom. We both feel the need to bring words into the world that will raise the consciousness of the planet.


Inspiration Between Two
A collaboration between Roodly Laurore and Jerrice J. Baptiste


Earth suffers because of us.

Beautiful black earth. 

Blue sea alive 

we adore 

will disappear one day

sooner rather than later.


She who feeds us 

her beauty is our joy.

The bluish immensity that surrounds it

represents a challenge to human pride.

Nothing visible is eternal.

Sooner or later everything will pass.


Our eyes speak of things 

we have seen, the visible.

Moon sits on edge of dry sea, 

bitter taste of salt disappears.

How do we eat without salt?

We are walking in shallow water.

Caress the cheeks of the tearful moon

needing courage to climb the black sky.

Heart sighs with the invisible 

will, sensitivity, morality

Creator’s symbols

to a high degree our contact with great minds

to unify soul and body

to reconcile water and fire

so that the whole universe harmonizes. 

It is happiness, bliss.


With the calm mind comes silence.

Every night with the happy moon

stars are shining.  Children are sleeping.

Eyes look at the wonders 

of mountains: the birds are singing

their wings heard in the wind

make our ancestors smile. 

We embrace past, present, future. 



Inspiration Entre Deux 

Nous faisons souffrir la terre. 

La belle terre noire. 

La mer bleue en vie

que nous adorons 

disparaîtra un jour 

plus tôt que plus tard. 


Elle qui nous nourrit, 

sa beauté est notre joie. 

L’immensité bleuâtre qui l’entoure 

représente un défi à l’orgueil humain 

rien de visible n’est éternel .

Tôt ou tard, tout passera.


Nos yeux voient souvent les choses visibles

la lune qui parcourt le bord de la mer desséchée 

Le goût amer du sel disparu. 

Comment mangeons nous sans sel?

Nous marchons dans l’eau profonde.

 caressée les joues de la lune en larmes .

Courage pour monter au ciel bleu.


Le cœur soupire des choses invisibles.

La volonté, la sensibilité, la moralité 

symboles de l’image du créateur 

à un degré élevé en contact avec les grands esprits 

pour arriver à unifier l’âme et le corps 

pour réconcilier l’eau et le feu 

afin que tout l’univers s’harmonise. 

C’est le bonheur, la félicité. 


Avec l’esprit calme vient le silence.

Chaque nuit avec la lune heureuse,

les étoiles brillent.  Les enfants dorment

Les yeux regardent les merveilles 

des montagnes: Les oiseaux chantent 

leurs ailes entendues

dans le vent font sourire nos ancêtres

pour embrasser le passé, le présent, et le futur.

About Jerrice Baptiste

Jerrice J. Baptiste has authored seven children’s books and a book of poems for adults, Wintry Mix. Her writing has appeared in The Yale Review, Mantis, The Minetta Review, The Caribbean Writer, Claw & Blossom, and numerous others. Her poetry in Haitian Creole and English and collaborative songwriting are featured on the Grammy Award winning album Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti. Jerrice teaches poetry where she lives in NY. Visit her at

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About Roodly Laurore

Roodly Laurore is a Haitian poet, born to a family of five children. He was an engineer by training; however, at a very young age he fell in love with poetry. Living in Port-au-Prince, he is married and has lived with his wife and two sons for over twenty-five years. 


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