Shaun Chamberlin

Shaun Chamberlin

Since 2005 Shaun Chamberlin has devoted himself full-time to exploring the dominant cultural stories and ‘myths’ that chart the course for our society and, in particular, how we might change direction before we end up where we are headed. His work has been discussed across the UK press, including the BBCGuardianSunday TimesIndependent and Daily Express, as well as internationally by Time magazineBloomberg News and the Financial Times.He is managing director of the Fleming Policy Centre, and has been involved with the Transition Network since its inception, leading to his co-founding Transition Town Kingston and authoring the movement’s second book, The Transition Timeline, in 2009.

He has also served as chair of the Ecological Land Co-operativeChelsea Green Publishing‘s commissioning editor for Europe, a director of the campaigning organisation Global Justice Now and an advisor to the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, as well as co-authoring the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil’s report into carbon rationing.

His writing roams across social, political, economic and spiritual themes, as well as explanations of climate and energy issues from the popular to the peer-reviewed.  He has also edited or contributed chapters to a diverse collection of books, including shepherding the late David Fleming‘s extraordinary, award-winning Lean Logic and Surviving the Future to posthumous publication. Building on those books’ impact, he also led the “Community, Place and Play: A Post-Market Economics” course at Schumacher College in 2017, and acted as executive producer on the 2019 film The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilisation?

Find Shaun at: or @darkoptimism

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