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Emerging Renaissance | The Art and Wisdom of Leigh J McCloskey

Olandar and The Hieroglyph of the Human Soul

Leigh’s home is named, Olandar.

On 9-11-01 Leigh McCloskey began painting the floor of his home library studio, The Hieroglyph of the Human Soul, (acronym: THOTHS). It is in 3D and has grown to cover the walls, ceiling, furniture and books creating a fully immersive mythic-domestic environment that tells the story through art of the deeper purpose and meaning of the human pilgrimage and finding our way home, together.

Photo of Leigh by Dana Tynan
The whole growth and process initially began with a series of large oil paintings that Leigh McCloskey had executed over a twelve year period, all examining the proposition of Universe as Organism. These paintings now hang from the ceiling of The Hieroglyph, like great archetypal portals. One of these works, Phoenix Arise, forms a holographic DNA-double helix that in turn creates holographic wheels or mandalas and becomes the basis of infinite worlds and entities when fractalized.
Phoenix Arise

Selections, ‘Universe As Organism’

Artist’s Statement

Mighty visionary souls are arising within these emerging generations who simply need to be reminded of the YES of life and the artistry of their own consciousness.

We are what we assume ourselves capable of becoming.

We have not yet arrived at the true model of human consciousness – we are only experiencing one variation on a theme of infinite human potentialities. The outer world arises from our matrices of assumptions, fears and expectations. All realities are energetic patterns fixed by the mental gravitational fields of individual beliefs and collective mind and will.

A new world mind is growing, like so many blades of grass through the concrete of human tyrannies old and new. The post 9-11 world is proving that it cannot solve its problems and so we must begin to plant seeds of creative possibility for future generations. Like modern Noahs we are now beginning to build individual philosophical arks, such as Olandar, into which we gather all that ennobles our human adventure.

The emerging renaissance is growing all around us. It is the yet untold story of our mythic humanity, nobility and wisdom. It is time we weave together this better story of our human heritage. Renaissance begins not by trying to change the world of others, but by changing our own world, by reclaiming the sacred and intimate, the beautiful and holy from generalized thought and its angry empty gods of form. In so doing we become self-defining, and consciously choose to embody our better knowing and more loving ideas. Ideas are freedom.

The path of wisdom’s way is eternal. Seed patterns and energetic intention are forever being sown, so that time can be used to heal and create rather than to divide and destroy. We are master artists of consciousness awakening again within our human forms. Time falls away and meaning reemerges. Creativity is called forth to heal humanity’s lack of vision. We are the storytellers of this epoch whose lives reflect mythic meaning expressed through intimacy, living with integrity, family, philosophical inquiry and boundless curiosity.

One of the most important factors heralding the birth pangs of the coming renaissance is the widespread disconnect from secular and religious authority and its apologists. This fundamental dissatisfaction is soul-deep in many, who are mostly silent and keep their true faith in Love private. This redefining process is and will be affecting all religions in coming times.

An alternative vision of human consciousness is rising like a great tide. It will reclaim the characters and stories that reveal the sacred in our nature. Archetypal revelation and wonder will retell the familiar in unexpected ways to aid in the alignment between our outer knowledge and inner voice of conscience. The coming pattern of the Human Form Divine is about rebirth and access, not personal psychology and progress.

We must learn to think for ourselves again, and like children re-learn everything we have been taught to assume. This is not an intellectual exercise; this is a profound point of change. Transformation, not belief, is the basis of the work ahead. Re-visioning our understanding of ourselves and what beauty and truth we believe ourselves worthy of honoring is an absolute necessity.

The emerging renaissance examines and reveals a fundamentally different vision of who and what we are and why we exist. The simplest expression of the understanding is that inner voice of conscience that says yes, yes, be true to yourself, love even when scoffed at and dream profound dreams because this is yours to do and to become.

All gardens are grown, especially those of sacred mind. The more one learns to heed the voice of conscience and the quiet prompting of the heart, the closer true change comes to all humankind. True knowledge is a seed planted in each of us and it is time to nurture this seed. Now we begin, it is always thus. Alignment, not doubt, is the key of wisdom that opens the doors of perception. This is the way of the Human Form Divine and coming renaissance. -Leigh J McCloskey

Cover Image | Sophia Emerging from the Depths of the Hieroglyph of the Human Soul


The Hieroglyph of the Human Soul

The Hieroglyph, as it grows engulfs all objects from couch to computer, from lamp to cabinet and chairs. All forms become the canvas and fixed ground of the imagination. Here a couch is still a couch, but it is also a painting, a cosmos and living waters. Its images become part of a synthesis of all objects, paintings and books that comprise the greater entity environment of the wonderstudy that constitutes The Hieroglyph.

About Leigh J McCloskey

Leigh J McCloskey is a modern Renaissance man; he is an artist, author, well-known actor and visual philosopher. His highly creative life has been devoted to exploring the symbolical, archetypal and hidden aspects of the psyche and inner self through his art, scholarship, books and experiences as a professional actor for many years. He has hosted weekly discussion groups in his home, Olandar, for over 39 years. His deep knowledge ranges from arcane wisdom, religion, depth psychology and quantum physics to the mythic imagination and the creation of art. He is the founder of Olandar Foundation for Emerging Renaissance (OFFER) and gives regular tours of his art and home, Olandar

Leigh lectures both nationally and internationally and has given numerous talks and presentations of his art and visual philosophy. Many are available on youtube. He has contributed numerous essays on topics ranging from William Blake and the Heroic Imagination, the Archetypal Tarot & the Kabbalah, to Jacob Boehme and Theosophical Thought. He has written, illustrated and published seven books, including his masterpiece of art and writing, Tarot ReVisioned, reviewed as possibly the most significant contribution the tradition in over 100 years.
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