An Overcast Morning, I Sit Down To Write

Inhalation and exhalation,
this just happens
and I’m in the middle of it.
That which breathes me.
Yah weh
the word spoken
is breath.
And a name
for the piercing origin
of all things:
penstemon, ground water,
nectar feeding sunbird,
cry of a gibbon,
the gibbous moon,
quasar, nebula,
our galaxy
and all,
all of the billions
of other galaxies
spinning their red-gold beauty
in the dark
beyond our beyond.
All of this,
happening now
and my mind
tries to carry the light
of all those stars
and all of that
which is in between.

About Melanie Green

Melanie Green has two collections of poetry: Continuing Bridge and Determining Sky, available through Mountains and Rivers Press of Eugene, Oregon. She was a participant in Portland’s “word & hand” collaboration, where six poets were paired with six visual artists to create new works of art as dialogue. Her poems were also incorporated in the modern dance performance, “Under Fallen Stars,” choreographed by Sue Brantley.

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