Mixed Media Meditation


Colors In Motion is excited to share a ‘Touchstone’, one of our artworks in motion, called Vessels, as a way to introduce the Kosmos community to our work, and to invite us all to open our eyes, ears and hearts to this experience. Vessels captures the essence of shape, form, and transformation.

It is a human reaction that when we see something we love we want to hold on to it. When it falls or fades away we feel it as a loss, rather than an expansion to include. We can practice ‘unlearning’ grasping and clinging by using the beauty of Colors In Motion to entrain our minds and our nervous systems to accept flow. Flow is a healthy approach to the rapid changes humans are experiencing, and can expand our capacity to be present in every precious moment.

Instruction | Turn off all artificial lighting. Take several slow deep breaths and relax the tension in your body. Find a comfortable viewing position in a quiet place, (headphones preferred), Start the video and expand to full screen size. Experience what comes, maintaining focus on the sounds and images. When your thoughts stray, simply return to your breathing and refocus your attention. Enjoy.

Artists’ Statement:

The theme of this inaugural edition of Kosmos Quarterly- Unlearning Together-  is a necessary one. As co-creators of the world around us, we must look to ways we can evolve with all Life: ways that require us to collectively form new pathways and leave old ones that no longer serve us behind.

Colors In Motion develops digital artworks-in-motion with the intention of bringing beauty and centered calm into our busy lives, to public spaces and to our homes. For a decade, we have been working to shift our culture away from assumptions about digital technology, the purpose of art, and factors in our environment that drive us to increased levels of speed, stress, and anxiety.

Our first goal is to challenge the notion that ‘screens’ in our environments are negative influences. Certainly, we have all experienced aggressive news shows and disturbing images coming from televisions in public places and waiting rooms that we could not control. What if these same technologies could provide a sanctuary, inspire delight, and create a sense of simple play for our minds at moments when we need them most- a panoply of slowly-moving colors and shapes with gentle music and soundscapes, to soothe our mind, body, and spirit?

Colors In Motion was born in an interest to help us collectively unlearn limiting assumptions such as these:

We have a limitless capacity to handle ‘messages’. Instead, we acknowledge that we have already reached a tipping point at which too much input from our devices and our screens is causing great emotional and physical stress in our lives.

Technology makes everything faster. Instead, we open ourselves to opportunities where technology can be used to slow us down.

Special skills are needed to ‘play’ with technology. Instead, we revel in dynamic artistic expression that enables us to play, simply by being present.

The experts know what we want to watch. Instead, we realize that just because programming exists does not mean all people enjoy watching it. In many cases, the opposite is true.

Art must be permanent. Instead, we embrace the notion that experiencing art that is constantly changing, trains us to delight in the unexpected and to find comfort and beauty in the shifting and unpredictable moments of our lives.

About Colors in Motion

Christopher Graefe and Linda DeHart are Colors in Motion. Colors in Motion is dedicated to bringing beauty and centered calm to our busy lives by providing cutting-edge environmental display content, which calms people in public spaces, to help forward-looking facilities reach new audiences and clientele.

Explore ColorsInMotion.com to view our installations, experience the transformative qualities and imagine and consider where and how Colors In Motion can enrich your life. For licensing content for large screens in public spaces, contact Colors In Motion at info@colorsinmotion.com.

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