finals time

in the beginning song
before vertical urges
were birthed
this solar system
rose in totem
to revolving god

in the beginning wind
before senses
became flesh
stars tickled the firmament
until it surged
frozen laughter

in the beginning kiss
before lips
inner tongues lined a horizon
and spoke for this unpeopled earth:

every that ever is
all that always become at once
to my crust

uncover your oneness
unmask your antiquity
wear sweet robes of protein
study my nature as your own
and learn to beautify
this spinning ship
or singe with it
from a friction

no other courses
are offered

About Climbing Sun

From Boca Raton, Florida, Climbing Sun is a world- and inner-traveler, body-surfer, poet, teacher, engineer, and building designer. He has taught poetry in California schools and is the author of two chapbooks and a novel. He is currently published in several journals and his writings are an attempt to integrate the earthly, human, and spirit realms. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Florida and maintains a writing blog. See www.climbingsun.com


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