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What Is Global Education and Why Does It Matter?  


Global competencies encompass the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that help students develop, understand, and function in communities which are increasingly interdependent with other communities around the world.

On Edge Work, Migration Flows, and Glocalization


In ecological design, the edge is known as the boundary or interface between two biological communities. It is the region where communities meet and integrate, producing conditions for increased diversity.

Global Citizenship | An Emerging Agenda in Education


Introduced at an early stage of child development, global citizenship education enhances mutual respect and understanding, tolerance, and cultural literacy, while substantially weakening the power of radicalized messages.

Books in Brief

In Brief

Reviews of books spanning topics within science, culture, economics, spirituality, and more.

The Habits of Schooling


...One part of me was urging the other part of me to get up, go to the professor, and seek clarity. The more fearful side of myself was anxious about being judged a fraud for being accepted to grad school at all; apprehensive of being yelled at or belittled.

An Uncommon Song


...The relationship between song and education is well-known. Many have written on the subject, perhaps most famously Plato in The Republic. In it, Socrates warns about the dangers of teaching certain ungodly songs. If the gods are portrayed as vengeful and cruel, he says, what will prevent our children from emulating them?

How to Train Your Lightning Bolt: Shifting Ontologies of Parenthood


Ej and I are regular Mrs. Grundies. She grew up in India, in a home where one was supposed to […]

book excerpt | The Soul of Education


A book entitled The Soul of Education inevitably raises the question “Should modern public school education even have a soul?” […]

Entangled with the World


The fire hissed softly as another piece of coal collapsed into white ash, overcome by the steadying flames. Still African […]

Unleashing the Learner: Massive Open Online Courses and the Decolonization of Education


There is a sea change under way in higher education, and it’s not in the ways that traditional universities think […]