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Global Citizenship | An Emerging Agenda in Education


Introduced at an early stage of child development, global citizenship education enhances mutual respect and understanding, tolerance, and cultural literacy, while substantially weakening the power of radicalized messages.

How to Train Your Lightning Bolt: Shifting Ontologies of Parenthood


Ej and I are regular Mrs. Grundies. She grew up in India, in a home where one was supposed to […]

book excerpt | The Soul of Education


A book entitled The Soul of Education inevitably raises the question “Should modern public school education even have a soul?” […]

Entangled with the World


The fire hissed softly as another piece of coal collapsed into white ash, overcome by the steadying flames. Still African […]

Unleashing the Learner: Massive Open Online Courses and the Decolonization of Education


There is a sea change under way in higher education, and it’s not in the ways that traditional universities think […]

Reflections on Transformative Education: Toward Peace Learning Systems


Global Transformation through Peace Learning Systems Over the past 15 years, I have worked on peace education programs in communities […]

Transformational Education


Consider the problems today’s young people will have to face: global warming and other changes in climate, disastrous ups and […]

The Frontier of Science and Education


Since Galileo, science has had a bias towards simplification for the very sensible and practical reason that it was all it could handle. Nothing is wrong with this as long as the limitation of the method is not projected onto reality, limiting it.

Knowledge Commons for the Global Commons


Dr. Terri Homan: “Six months ago I had never heard of the commons. Perhaps the starting point for a world movement is spreading awareness, so there are more banner-carriers to work toward the change in consciousness that is required. Unless a critical mass of world citizens demand change, it is too easy for the rest to look away." Terri is a physician in the Chicago area, one of 49 people from four continents who enrolled in Common Course: An Introduction to the Global Commons. The four-week program consisted of readings, on-line discussions and weekly conference calls. On one occasion economist James Quilligan joined as a guest speaker.

Spirituality in Higher Education


In spite of all the difficulties and dangers in the world today, and perhaps in response to them, a movement is underway towards transformation in nations and institutions. This movement will lead to an enhanced capacity for integrating different perspectives and ideas, in contrast to the extreme fragmentation and competition currently dominating much of our thinking.