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Dealing With the Darkness of What Humans Do to Humans


This article shows how in response to thuggish forces the qualities of feminine intelligence—available to men as to women—can enable […]

New Approaches to Healing Collective Conflict and Trauma: Our Responsibility as Global Citizens*


Thomas Hübl and William Ury "This is the beginning of what we need, a vocabulary for how we talk about a process that we don’t even have words yet to describe—what actually is happening at the biochemical, genetic, psychological, and spiritual levels as the process of peace is being made." -Ury

Thomas Hübl’s The Pocket Project: Facilitating the Integration of Collective Trauma


Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous […]

Restoring Humane Values through Activism


In 2012, I went to the Sahara Desert seeking a spiritual experience. In my wild imagination, the emptiness of the […]

Reflections on Our Pilgrimage Into Society


In February 2016, we started out on a pilgrimage—one with no time limit. Beforehand, we had given away all our […]

Pilgrimage: A Path of Practice for the New Activism


It was a long day on El Camino, The Way of Saint James, the famed thousand-year old pilgrimage route across […]

The Future of Activism


The times certainly are a-changing. In this essay, we intend to make some sense of what’s really going on and […]

Spiritual Activism, Together


Deconstructing Assumptions When I say ‘activism,’ it almost certainly brings a particular picture to mind. Perhaps it’s people peacefully assembled […]

An Interview with Deepak Chopra: You Are the Universe


Claudia Welss: Welcome, Dr. Chopra. As you know, I’m with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and we have for many […]

Entangled with the World


The fire hissed softly as another piece of coal collapsed into white ash, overcome by the steadying flames. Still African […]

Subtle Activism: A Way Forward through Chaotic Times


One of the characteristics of our strange new post-US election world is that things are in such flux that it […]

Activism in the Teaocene


I once was a frontline activist dedicated to protecting ancient rainforests and the indigenous people who inhabited them from destruction. […]

An Interview with Sister Miriam Therese MacGillis at Genesis Farm


If the dynamics of the universe from the beginning shaped the course of the heavens, lighted the sun, and formed […]

Returning Home to Our Place in the Cosmos


The first time I wept for the Earth I was alone in the woods in late summer after a long […]

Walking Into Sacred Spaces of the Wild


On foot among the great elephant herds and lion prides of the Okavango Delta wilderness, I was given a profound […]