In Practice: Manish and Vidhi Jain, on living, innovating and unlearning

By Leonie Shanks/Peace Boat When Manish Jain and his wife Vidhi give their lectures and workshops, they are captivating. Partly this is because the learning activists speak in a way that is incredibly considered, eloquent and poetic, but also it is because their words are filled with a passion and conviction that is infectious. Their arguments are not dry or academic, but rather full of…

Mystical Anarchism, a Spiritual Biography

Alnoor | When people ask me, "what’s the most important thing I can do," I often say to people, especially in the spiritual community: to understand how neoliberalism works. We must understand how capitalism works because it is the very oxygen in which we are breathing. It has intermediated every aspect of our lives.

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Explore Kosmos QuarterlyThe Winter Edition Has Arrived! Thanks for exploring Kosmos Journal Quarterly, our primary e-publication. You can enjoy several features from each edition below without a subscription. To gain a sense of the complete edition, click on the Table of Contents. Your subscription, available on a sliding ‘gift’ scale – from $5 to $60 – unlocks complete…

Homepage – August 2018

Autumn Gallery of Poets from our newsletter Thomas Berry and the Rights of Nature By Mary Evelyn Tucker and John GrimKosmos Quarterly Ten Economic Insights of Rudolf Steiner By C. Otto ScharmerKosmos Quarterly From What Is to What If By Rob HopkinsKosmos Quarterly Holding a…

The Habits of Schooling

...One part of me was urging the other part of me to get up, go to the professor, and seek clarity. The more fearful side of myself was anxious about being judged a fraud for being accepted to grad school at all; apprehensive of being yelled at or belittled.

Change the Worldview, Change the World

Gender, like race, is a social construction, which is to say, a story. And the stories of sexism and racism that have cast such a pall over our history and our present illustrate the power of worldview and narrative in generating and maintaining systemic oppression.

Week Four

KOSMOS SUMMER 2018  >  COURSE VIEW > WEEK FOUR Week FourWEEK 4 | Personal Practice and Healing Welcome to the final week of Course View. Use this time to continue any practices that have been fruitful for you from previous weeks, and bring your work to closure. As your journey of unlearning continues beyond the contents of this journal, we hope the exercises below support you in grounding…

Dynamic Governance

The 21st century is witnessing hundreds of millions of people caught up in cascading systemic transformation. Global society has crossed a threshold. We’ve entered the time of the Great Transition—a time when we hospice outworn ways of living that no longer serve us and the Earth, and give birth to an emergent, more compassionate, and resilient future.