Cash Ahenakew (Ph.D.)

Cash Ahenakew (Ph.D.)

Dr. Cash Ahenakew (Ph.D.) holds a Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Peoples’ Well-being.  He is also an associate professor in the Department of Education at the University of British Columbia. Cash is Plains Cree and is a member of the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation. His research is based in a commitment to the development of Indigenous theories, curriculum, pedagogies and mixed methodologies. His work addresses the complexities at the interface between Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledges, education, methodology and ceremony.

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Being Taught by Sacred Pain

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“In an attempt to keep us feeling individualized and separate from the land-metabolism, modernity takes away our sense of the unquestionable value of life and instead creates a fundamental void that we associate with worthlessness. To feel a temporary sense of self-worth, we are made to produce stuff that modernity recognizes as valuable. To feel a sense of completion, we are made to accumulate stuff that we believe can fill the void.”