Nicholas Joyce

Nicholas is a systems designer – catalyzing people, places, and ideas towards a regenerative future. He has visited 50+ impact centers across four continents. As a global consultant, he offers resiliency to communities, businesses, and non-profits. His strength is in business strategy, development, and alliance building. He regularly offers workshops, facilitation and coaching sessions.

Nicholas is centrally involved with several community networking organizations, such as NuMundo, Global Ecovillage Network, and Fellowship for Intentional Community. As co-founder of NextGENNA, he engages young people in the ecovillage movement and co-produces the annual Youth Ecovillage Summit. In 2015, he co-produced volunteer trips to InTerraTree, a cross-cultural and sustainability education center in Togo, West Africa. In 2016, he applied system solutions to his home city of Asheville, NC, USA through collaborative events and community organizing.

Nicholas holds a BBA in Management along with other certificates including: Spiral Dynamics Integral Level 1, Permaculture Design, and Ecovillage Design. Learn more at

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