Nicholas Joyce

Nicholas Joyce

Nicholas Joyce is a whole systems designer and energetic architect. Formerly on the board of the Global Ecovillage Network and Foundation for Intentional Community, he now spends his time focused on ONEBoulder, a unique and gamified approach to introducing practices and principles of regenerative culture to a city of +100,000 people. With a decade of experience studying, consulting and even founding a couple intentional communities, Nicholas brings an exceptional depth and breadth of practical tools and applied wisdom to designing social systems and facilitating effective group process. Deeply attuned to the ever-present energetics of people and places, Nicholas has an uncanny ability to diagnose and repair complex breakdowns in the visible and invisible structures that underly all human endeavors. In a world full of doing, Nicholas coaches regenerative leaders on how to access the infinite and lead from being, illuminating personal and collective trauma and bringing greater ease, harmony, and dignity to life-affirming projects. Find out more at

The Web of Meaning

Journal Article

Jeremy Lent | What I call animate intelligence, and Earth wisdom, is a very similar take on the same thing, which is this recognition that life itself has spent billions of years here on Earth, evolving ways of doing things and being healthy as part of bigger ecosystems, and showing incredible intelligence.

Spiritual Activism, Together


Deconstructing Assumptions When I say ‘activism,’ it almost certainly brings a particular picture to mind. Perhaps it’s people peacefully assembled […]