Sky Nelson-Isaacs

Sky Nelson-Isaacs

Sky Nelson-Isaacs is an author and physics educator building a foundation for a scientific understanding of synchronicity in our modern world.

Sky has a masters degree in physics from San Francisco State University, has had careers in education, in the software industry, and in music, and has spent the past twenty years studying synchronicity, with the last 12 years publishing academic papers on it.

Sky was raised amidst the teachings of Integral Yoga creator Sri Swami Satchidananda, through which he developed a modern, no BS perspective on spiritual inquiry which has guided his scientific pursuits. Sky has always been passionate about personal and professional development, training with The Pathways Institute (Carole Kammen and Jodi Gold) as a young adult, and years later with the More to Life program (Dr K. Bradford Brown and Dr Roy Whitten).

Sky relies on a mix of modalities—science + self inquiry—to learn from life. Sky is a parent, husband, author, speaker, and trainer, as well as physicist, educator, musician, award-winning composer and performer, and software engineer.

Living In Flow


Listen, Open, Reflect, Release, Act, Repeat (X), or LORRAX. This cycle of steps can be useful in navigating quick, spontaneous decisions.