Christine Locher

Christine Locher

Christine Locher is a London-based cosmopolitan, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Learning and Performance Institute. Christine, in the 5th half of her 20s, has experience on the corporate side and with startups, and over a decade of experience in high-pressure environments (3 of the top 5 consulting companies). She has done lots of work in tech and is unapologetically #TeamHuman.

Christine is also an author, avid reader, traveller and networker and crazy curious – balance of big-picture thinking with practical implementation for impact. I love working in projects.

Values as a Means to Invite Greater Depth


Not everyone would identify as being “spiritual” or connect with the word “sprit”, or it might not be the time and place to have these conversations. That doesn’t mean these people can’t have depth or get started on a path towards more depth. You can still be out there in the world changing things for the better. You don’t have to be spiritual to do that (it might help though).