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Advertising and Trading | The Markets’ Problem Twins


My view is that while capitalism may not survive in any of its current forms, markets will continue since they are deeply coded in the cultural DNA of all human societies. Today, we see new markets and new commons as we explore the evolving global playing field. Markets can be tamed, transformed as they always have been, guided by robust feedback from investors, NGOs, community norms, new regulations at all levels, and by consumers and citizens.

Soil Wealth and a Regenerative Green New Deal


How do those of us who are not fundamentally business-minded nor trained in soliciting investments become more adept and sophisticated in obtaining funding to scale up our regenerative economy? How do we prove to investors that there is a strategic, indeed existential imperative to consider investments that not only are socially responsible and good for the environment but also build the essential new regenerative economy?

Holacracy | An Emergent Order System


BR | Instead of asking how do we get better top-down control, I think a more interesting question is how can we change the fundamental frame to not need top-down control?

Bringing Reefs Back to Life


Two years ago, an “obituary” for the Great Barrier Reef flew across the Internet like grapeshot fired from a cannon. But the pronouncement was premature. Coral reefs are indeed dying, but they are not yet dead.

The Dawn of a Conscious Business Movement


Let’s start by clearly communicating an intention: this is more of a call to action than an article. Urgent action […]

Mirror Flourishing: The New Business North Star


“We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted […]



Epiphany is defined as a “sudden and striking realization.” But it doesn’t work that way with me. My epiphanies sometimes […]

On Living Business


What is a ‘living business?’ Using these words both as a search term and as a mirror of our collective […]

Good Morning, Beautiful Business: The Unexpected Journey of an Activist Entrepreneur and Local Economy Pioneer


Chelsea Green Publishing April 2013, Review by Judy Wicks A few years after I started my restaurant, I hung a […]

Business as an Agent of World Benefit


It was perhaps 20 years ago, yet I remember my first meeting with Willis Harman in vivid color. Fresh out of my doctoral dissertation research on the idea of Appreciative Inquiry, I was taking the next big step, working on an interdisciplinary understanding of the relationship between images of the future and human action in the present, especially the relationship between positive guiding images and the possibilities for positive action in human systems.