Hazel Henderson

We are deeply honored to welcome an amazing woman to Kosmos Advisory
Board. Hazel Henderson’s achievements and influence span the globe.
Founder, Ethical Markets Media, Dr. Henderson is a world-renowned
futurist, evolutionary economist, a worldwide syndicated columnist, and
consultant on equitable ecologically sustainable development and
socially responsible business and investment. She is the author of
Beyond Globalization, co-editor of The UN: Policy and Financing
Alternatives and seven other books. Well known for the Calvert-Henderson
Quality-of-Life Indicators, she shared the 1996 Global Citizen Award
with Nobel Prize Winner A. Perez Esquivel of Argentina. To learn more
about this extraordinary woman visit www.hazelhenderson.com.

Beyond Economism – Policies Guided by “Earth Ethics”


The human family numbering now over 6 billion is clearly the most biologically successful species on planet Earth. We have evolved from our birthplaces on the African continent to colonize every part of Earth, consuming 40% of all its primary photosynthetic production—leading to the current and mass extinction of other species.