Living Transformation: The New Human and The New Earth

A friend once told me about a conversation she had with a man who worked for peace at the United Nations. He said to her, “How can I work for world peace? I have no idea of how to have peace with my wife.”

For me, the core of Living Transformation is our human evolution as individuals. In my life as a psychologist, coach, workshop facilitator, leader, author and speaker, I have been devoted to the evolution of humanity. I have helped people evolve not only themselves, but their lives, their relationships and their work. Who we are is inspiring.

Living Transformation is possible! As more and more of us evolve into the New Human we will create a New Earth! The time is now. Many voices are telling us the same thing.

Neuroscience documents the plasticity of our brains. It is never too late for the brain to evolve. Psychology, spirituality and body therapies have given us an abundance of tools with which to become conscious, to live in our bodies, to connect with spirit, and to let go.

Evolving ourselves is simple, yet challenging. Are you willing to do the work?

The New Human

An integration of Eastern and Western approaches to psychology tells us that we are whole when we are consciously connected to the Unconditioned Self and the conditioned self. They are different. It is not uncommon to lose our conscious connection with the Unconditioned Self.

What is the Unconditioned Self? It is formless energy. It is our inborn, inherent and unlearned wisdom. The stronger our conscious connection to the Unconditioned Self, the more we can receive inspirations, intuitions and revelations. We can see possibilities, opportunities and that everything is a gift to learn from. This is the True Self that helps us know our intrinsic goodness. It tells us that we live in a safe and supportive universe, despite the reality of what is going on in the world. It has been called by many names such as: Essence, Being, Higher Self, The Teacher Within, The Invisible, and the Mystery. It is an ever-present, limitless container that holds everything without judgment, but rather with compassion. Living with a strong conscious connection to the Unconditioned Self is transformative.

The conditioned self is who you think you are. It is your personal self. It is your learned self; your “I.” From this perspective, my identity is “I am Lynda,” because this is what I have been taught. It is common to believe that what you have learned about yourself and the world is “the truth” and “reality.” Typically, it is what you have felt, thought, made decisions about and inherited from our collective human experience that inform your view of yourself and the world. Some of us are lucky to have been loved and seen clearly by our mothers, fathers or caretakers. We believe that we are “good enough,” we are self-confident and we trust the world. Many of us, however, develop views of ourselves and the world that have us believing otherwise, namely, that we are “not good enough” and that the world is dangerous.

Shifting into the New Human:

The more you are grounded in your Unconditioned Self, the stronger your foundation to hold the learned beliefs, feelings, bodily sensations, and automatic habits of your conditioned self, consciously and with compassion. You are more easily able to access your insights and wisdom and be in the present moment. You can open the door and disidentify with your learned feelings, thoughts and automatic behaviors that keep you small. Increasingly, you come into the moment and a much larger world. This is a profound paradigm shift-that is-a radical shift in definition of who you are and your view the world. Our wholeness and this paradigm shift create the scaffolding for the new human to emerge.

Understanding this shift into wholeness gives you a second chance. You can re-parent yourself, with your Unconditioned Self as the parent. This parent will support you as you take new steps.

The new human is not something we have to create. We are already it. Our wholeness and our consciousness help us draw forth inherent qualities of our beings. These include our loving without conditions, our forgiveness, our vulnerability, our open-heartedness, our acceptance, our living in the unknown, our willingness to take risks, and more. Between re-parenting and drawing forth our fullest potential we are Living Transformation. Being part of a like-minded community that supports this shift helps profoundly.

As the New Human we begin to repair . . . Everything. We feel deeply that we are part of a system, an inter-connected web of life . . .

“Another world is not only possible. She is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” ~Arundhati Roy