Lynne D. Feldman

Raised in Dallas, Texas, Lynne received her B.A. from Tulane
University and her M.A. in Public Law and Government from Columbia
University’s Graduate Faculties. She was a researcher and speech writer
for John C. Clarke, Senior Vice President and Special Legal Counsel for
the Federal Reserve Bank of New York before becoming a speechwriter for
Nelson Gross, Senatorial candidate from New Jersey. She next received
her graduate certification in teaching and taught 12th grade high school
government and history before attending law school, where she received
the Am Jur Prize in trial practice.

Her first trial was a death penalty case, and thereafter she
practiced criminal defense and matrimonial law until returning to teach
high school and care for her elderly mother. Lynne has been the subject
of a documentary and won numerous awards and honors for her activism in
getting students interested in the democratic process for which she was
honored by the New Jersey State legislature. She served as Chair of the
New Jersey Character Education Committee after being appointed to the
Governor’s Character Education Commission.

In 2003 she and Nancy Davis began a Yahoo group for those interested
in Integral Education, which has since evolved into the Integral-Ed
Forum. In 2004 she became Vice-Chancellor of Integral Institute’s
Integral University and Director of the Integral Education Center.

Lynne D. Feldman, Esq.
Director, Integral Education Center
Vice-Chancellor, Integral University
Integral Institute

Integral Education | A Guide For The Academically Perplexed


We are indeed in times of change, and at an historical first. All of the world’s cultures are now available to us, with the totality of human knowledge open to our study.1 What an auspicious and robust setting for post-secondary study; how fortunate are the students and the professors who are seeking the experience, wisdom, and patterns of the past for their edification and for those of future generations!