The Magic of the Earth, She Will Dream Through Us

I am a person who experiences Earth as a living, sacred, communicating Being. Although ecstatic and illuminating, such experiences have intensified an inner tension of being at odds with the mainstream worldview of literal materialism based on separation consciousness. As a licensed, practicing psychotherapist, I have grappled with this tension to the point of not wanting to go public, aware that I could face professional censure in reaction to sharing my story. Yet my experiences of a consciousness of oneness transmitting through Earth have revealed an extraordinary practice that I am compelled to share. I believe this practice will help shift humanity out of the old story of separation and into the New Earth story of our interconnection.

My New Earth practice generates joy. It dissolves the sense of being separate from Nature, people, creation. It opens up an intimate sense of belonging to Mother Earth and to Life itself. It is a practice that restores a consciousness of oneness.

I am convinced that if more of humanity could experience this practice, we would collectively turn away from exploiting and harming the Earth and one another. We would understand that Mother Earth—and all of creation—is sacred, alive, conscious, and assisting us in establishing this New Earth. Many more would experience, as I did, that Mother Earth is engaging humans to participate more collaboratively with Her and with the rest of creation, to establish our more beautiful world—together.

So, what is my New Earth practice? My current best description of it is learning to become sacred Seers and sacred Sayers. This means we learn to allow the magic of the Earth to dream through us, spending time in Nature as Earth’s reverent witnesses and mouthpieces, collaborating with her living wisdom. Much is being revealed to those who pay attention from a heart-based, attuned eco-self rather than a busy-minded ego-self.

The biggest shift out of my ego and into my heart occurred by reverently offering myself in deep service to Mother Earth. This act unleashed a surprising process. I experienced what I now understand as direct instructions transmitting from the living consciousness of Earth through many synchronistic revelations in Nature and through the spontaneous transmissions of five ‘New Earth’ songs.

My surprise was threefold: first, the number of explicitly meaningful synchronicities guiding the process; second, that each song was a clear teaching about how to recognize and live into this New Earth; and third, that these songs were being delivered to me—someone who is not a singer, a songwriter, or a musician. Yet, I had reverently offered myself in service as a ‘mouthpiece’ to Mother Earth. PachaMama clearly accepted that offer!

Here is one of the songs transmitted to me that explicitly offers glimpses into this New Earth—that it is interwoven with an invitation to participate:

We are multi-dimensional beings
It’s through our hearts that we are seeing.

The animals, they will speak to us
Nature Spirits will be real to us

Come weave a Web with me, a rainbow Web of Harmony…

The magic of the Earth, She will dream through us
Our hearts so open love will stream through us

Come weave a Web with me, Beauty for all to see…

The songs of the angels, they will sing through us
The rivers’ flow of oneness, they will bring to us

Come weave a Web with me, fulfillment joy and ecstasy…

Power stones, they will reveal to us
Ancestors’ Wisdom, it will heal through us

Come weave a Web with me, All Life expressing unity…

We are multi-dimensional beings
It’s through our hearts that we are seeing.

Weaving, weaving, weaving a New Earth Dream
Weaving, weaving, weaving a New Earth Dream

Interestingly, my New Earth practice of becoming a sacred Seer and Sayer links newly emerging and ancient contexts. The truth of our interconnection is increasingly validated by the new science of ‘unified quantum physics.’ For Shamans and Indigenous Elders, attuning to this consciousness of oneness is an anciently revered way of life. It is a nearly lost legacy, systematically obliterated by ‘the civilized world.’ We can reclaim this legacy.

May you be inspired to practice becoming a sacred Seer and Sayer: listening from your heart; immersing in Nature with attuned senses to perceive the dream of Mother Earth; courageously bearing witness to Her dream; serving as her mouthpiece, sharing what She reveals about living in oneness. My book, “The Seer and The Sayer: Revelations of the New Earth,” ( ) may help you find additional pathways to experience such direct revelations and to actively assist the birthing of our New Earth.

May we all open to experience how “the magic of the Earth, She will dream through us.”