21st Century Spirituality: Part I

As we have entered into 2012 many people feel there is a global shift happening, looking to usher in a new era of sustainability and peace. Whether a new era is here or not, there is indeed something happening! Thousands and perhaps even millions of people
are daring to dream of a new reality: one that will support not only our own good, but the good of all life on Earth. This collective dream will take a lot to manifest into reality, but it is entirely possible if many people choose to step forward and commit
all of themselves to this change, mind body and spirit. I don’t believe that changing times call for a new spirituality; changing times demand that people understand deeply what truth consciousness really is, so much so that it can be adapted to any time or
situation. If it cannot be applied in all situations, it is not truth; pure and simple. The state of God consciousness remains the same; what changes is how it is applied to the unique obstacles of the culture and times! The problem currently is not in convincing
people that change is needed. Perhaps for some it is, but most people already realize we as a world are headed towards a non-sustainable place of collapse. Yet still, ineffective systems are put into place and major change has yet to occur. If we want society
as a whole to change, we have to deeply change ourselves. Shakta based spiritual traditions believe the outer world is a mere reflection of our inner world. If this beautiful and also horrific lila of life is a reflection of our own hearts, it shows how far
into darkness we have moved. While many people in positions of power still harbor feelings such as greed, lust and anger, how can the world be any different than it is? Until people learn to deeply change themselves, how can our society evolve into something
new? Our challenge now is not in the dogma of telling people to do the right thing, but in teaching mankind how to overcome the inner enemies that keep us, and our world, in a place of suffering and pain. Fully integrated conscious living is the only way we
will succeed! Few people have learned how to be fully conscious in life and unhindered by inner enemies. Once these enemies have been brought under control in someone, that person becomes capable of making change in the outer world and in empowering others.
As long as we have not conquered our own fears, darkness will remain. The next step towards spiritual growth for everyone is in cultivating a fearless nature that will allow one the strength to go deep within and root out all negative influences and feelings
of doubt or unworthiness. Heal yourself and you can heal the world! Societal change starts in the hearts of each of us. Where do you stand; are you fearless?