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From empowering students and teachers in Zambia to interfaith dialogues in San Francisco, thousands of organizations around the world have taken part in the annual  11 Days of Global Unity September 11-21.

Launched by We, The World and global partners in 2004, 11 Days is a worldwide convergence of festivals, concerts, forums, rallies and other programs promoting peace, justice, sustainability and transformation that annually includes as many as 700 associated events in over 60 countries around the world. It culminates on September 21st, the U.N. International Day of Peace 

The Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest are taking place every day of the 11 Days. The Compassion Games challenge communities to be the world’s most compassionate. To learn more and participate in the Compassion Games go to


The 11 Days of Global Unity Tele-Summit 

September 11-21, 2016
Powerful talks on each of the 11 Themes For Change
Featuring some of the most visionary thinkers and activists of our time including Jane Goodall, Tavis Smiley, Neale Donald Walsch, Ocean Robbins, Earth Guardians and many others. Participate by computer or phone from anywhere worldwide! 
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 Speaker Schedule

With Host Rick Ulfik, Founder of  We, The World and the WE Campaign at

Sept 11 Unity 

Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations With God), Steve Farrell (Humanity’s Team)

Sept 12 Interdependence
Zoe Weil (Institute For Humane Education)

Sept 13 Environment
Jane Goodall (The Jane Goodall Institute)

Sept 14 Economic Justice
Tavis Smiley (Tavis Smiley on PBS, The Rich and the Rest of Us: A Poverty Manifesto)

Sept 15 Health
Ocean Robbins (Food Revolution Network)

Sept 16 Children And Youth
Aji Piper and Rachel Marco-Havens ( Earth Guardians)

Sept 17 Women
Joumana Rizk (Peacelights) and Swamini Krishnamrita (Embracing the World/Amma)

Sept 18 Human Rights
Gabriela Quntanilla (Rural & Migrant Ministry)

Sept 19 Freedom
Audri Scott Williams (The Red Flame of Freedom Movement to End Modern Day Slavery)

Sept 20 Disarmament
William Hartung (Center for International Policy)

Sept 21 Peace
Monica Willard (United Religions Initiative, International Day of Peace NGO Committee)
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The 11 Days of Global Unity Summit is a complimentary online event produced by The Shift Network in partnership with We, The World as part of the Summer of Peace and 11 Days of Global Unity – 11 Ways To Transform Your WorldRegister now FOR FREE 

The Summer of Peace at the Shift Network features a free series of expert interviews with the world’s leading peace builders from June 21 – September 21. The Summer of Peace and the Shift Network have been Participating Partners of 11 Days of Global Unity for many years.

Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots – With tens of thousands of young people in more than 120 countries, Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots provides young people with the knowledge, tools and hopeful inspiration to improve the environment and the quality of life for people and animals. Jane Goodall and Roots & Shoots have been partners with We, The World since 2004 when Jane was Honorary Co-Chair of the launch of 11 Days of Global Unity.

Unity Foundation Annual Peaceday Global Broadcast

The 2016 Peace Day Global Broadcast will stream live from United Nations headquarters in New York, beginning September 19th to the 21st. The broadcast will stream on more than 2,000 websites and Facebook pages.

Species Alliance is a nonprofit organization committed to raising public awareness of the mass extinction of species and its implications for humanity and the rest of the living world. Our Film Call of Life: Facing the Mass Extinction is the first feature documentary to investigate the growing threat to Earth’s life support systems from this unprecedented loss of biodiversity. We are dedicated to exploring and facilitating creative and effective responses, to stimulate changes in public policies and human behavior which will assure a healthy future for life on Earth.

The Henry George School promotes solutions for problems such as income inequality, poverty and unemployment and is launching an Economic Justice Campaign during the 11 Days in collaboration with We, The World.

Watch archived webcasts of the High Level Forum On The Culture Of Peacefrom the United Nations at

Vigil for International Peace and Ecology – takes place annually at the Bandshell in Central Park Manhattan on Saturday September 21st. 9AM to 6PM. There are  speakers, performers, arts and crafts, wonderful presentations and Special Guests for the Celebration of the 11th Anniversary of 11 Days of Global Unity!

Peace Day Philly is the Philadelphia region initiative for the International Day of Peace, September 21. We invite individuals, communities, organizations and civic leaders to use this powerful global platform to build peace on personal, local and global levels. Participate in a way that’s meaningful for you / your organization!

Teach the Children is a comprehensive Program and Campaign of We, The World to serve children and families in the South Bronx and elsewhere

Media Partners

  • Peaceday.TV and Unity Foundation – Global Broadcast during the 11 Days culminating with 24 hour special for the International Day of Peace.
  • WBAI Pacifica Radio – 2 Special Radio Broadcasts for 11 Days of Global Unity on the show “Heart of Mind” with Kathryn Davis.
  • Starseed Radio with Jonah Bolt – Special Radio Broadcast for 11 Days of Global Unity
  • Peace Day LIVE – A Global Celebration of The International Day of Peace
  • Ethical Markets – Promoting the emergence of a sustainable, green, ethical and a just economy worldwide.
  • Savvy Marketing Entertainment Group is a full service entertainment marketing and public relations company servicing individual and corporate clients throughout the United States.

Other 11 Days Highlighted Partners

Hello from My Heart – Gary Schineller founded “Hello From My Heart Days” which takes place annually during 11 Days of Global Unity Sept 11-21. As part of 11 Days, we encourage everyone to begin conversations and communications with “Hello From My Heart”. This is a grass roots peace movement producing measurable results. In communities using the greeting Hello From My Heart, violence decreases and&nb! sp;health & happiness increase. Be sure to check out Event History.

2016 International Day of Peace Observance at the United Nations – Friday, September 19th – Enjoy the events at the United Nations on line on Friday morning, Sept. 19 at, starting at 9:00 a.m. New York time, when Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will ring the Peace Bell in the UN garden, followed by the student observance at 9:30 featuring Jane Goodall and other UN Messengers of Peace.

Earth Protect – Telling stories of people who are protecting the Earth. From Image to Action!

ECOFEST Sunday August 16th 10AM – 6PM in Times Square NYC! ECOFEST has been a Major Partner of We, The World and 11 Days of Global Unity for many years. We are excited to announce that ECOFEST is celebrating its 27th Anniversary this year in Times Square!

Week of Global Interreligious Dialogue September 15th-21st – a platform for people and organizations to tell their stories of our interconnectedness and the power of working together. It is a global celebration of the International Day of Peace through local participation and collaboration. The Week of Global Interreligious Dialogue annually participates in 11 Days of Global Unity.

Earthdance – Earthdance is a world of communities working and playing together to create a culture of peace, through music and dance events, synchronized global link-ups, and social activism. Earthdance has had as many as 350 cities participating annually in over 50 countries. Earthdance has been a leading participant in 11 Days of Global Unity for many years.

United Nations High Level Forum on The Culture of Peace
 organized by the President of the 67th UN General Assembly on Friday, September 9th 2014, from 09:30 am to 6:00 pm at the UN. It is organized by our Partners at the Global Movement for the Culture of Peace. To learn more and watch the archived video please go to

Friends of Orphans Revival Ministries — Nottingham, United Kingdom – Sunday 21st September to Sunday 28th September 2014. Week for Peace will feature exciting community-based events in and around Nottingham, UK exploring peace. Post a picture that symbolises peace for you – whether it be a place, an activity or a relationship that crosses boundaries or which has endured hardship. Post on our Facebook page ( or tweet us @weekforpeace with the hashtag #peacepicture.

Children of the Earth – inspires and unites young people. We, the Children of the Earth, foster spirituality in the form of “Conscious Leadership”.  We Reflect, Connect and Act in order to create an Optimal Future for All.

Teach The Children – a comprehensive Program and Campaign to serve children and families in the South Bronx of New York City and elsewhere.

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy Arlington, Virginia. IMTD uses a holistic and participatory approach to assess the key variables in deep-rooted conflicts and post-conflict settings.

I am One in a Billion Climate Change Campaign – Aiming to mobilize 1 billion global citizens from all sectors of society to become spokespeople for climate change mitigation.

Wherever the Need – Bath,  United Kingdom – We aim to solve problems of poverty at the point at which they originate, providing sustainable solutions to those who need it most, enabling them to improve their own lives.

Peacemakers Incorporated Dallas, Texas – Sunday, September 21, 2014 At the 6th Annual Peacemakers Incorporated Celebration of the International Day of Peace, local peacemakers and supporters join together for an elegant, evening Gala. We  will discover how women worldwide are moving from poverty to being self-sustaining entrepreneurs. Through International Women’s Peace Conferences, Peacemakers Incorporated invites individuals and organizations to collaborate in peace actions and to network with peacemakers throughout the world by communicating success stories, advice and requests for assistance.

Aikido of San Luis Obispo, California – In celebration of International Peace Day and Aiki Extensions International Peace Week, Aikido of San Luis Obispo will offer free classes to the public on peacemaking through Aikido, Yoga, and other exercises. Sept 15-21  Specific dates and class descriptions can be found on our website schedule after Aug 21

Third Stanza Society of Poets, Ames Iowa – 7th annual 11 Days of Global Unity Poetry Reading

Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Apollo Arts Initiative Foundation – Carmel, NY

International Day of Peace NGO Committee at the United Nations led by Monica Willard (United Religions Initiative), Deborah Moldow (World Peace Prayer Society) Shawn Sweeney (Jane Goodall Institute) and many other organizers of the IDP. This Committee has included We, The World and has supported 11 Days of Global Unity for many years.

Pathways to Peace and the Culture of Peace Initiative – Pathways To Peace assisted in the UN’s adoption of the International Day of Peace in 1981. The International Day of Peace is now celebrated annually by as many as 3,500 organizations in over 120 countries. Pathways To Peace has been partners with We, The World for well over 10 years and was a founding partner of 11 Days of Global Unity in 2004.