An Invitation from Tamera in Portugal | Day of Global Prayer

via Tamera Peace Research & Education Center

The Tamera Peace Research & Education Center in Portugal is hosting the Defend the Sacred international activist gathering in August to give rise to a global alliance and strengthen the common vision of a healed Earth beyond all local differences.

On a beach near Lisbon, an aerial art action, facilitated by John Quigley, will occur on August 4, in opposition to planned fossil fuel exploration in Portugal. Learn more about the campaign.

While this will be an artistic protest, it is also planned as a deep prayer ritual, an offering of love and service to the Earth. At the center of the prayer will be a collective intention for the ‘right balance’ between water and fire, feminine and masculine. Standing Rock leaders and other Indigenous elders will be present to help reawaken the memory of original tribal knowledge as the seed of an upcoming planetary peace culture.

As a sign of our global interdependence in the struggle between destruction and life, kindred spirits are invited to hold sacred prayer fires at their places, synchronized with our aerial art action on August 4. A special prayer text is provided to read out aloud or sit with in meditation. It is based on words by Defend the Sacred and Tamera co-founder Sabine Lichtenfels.

This a special day of worldwide celebration and prayer dedicated to the vision of a powerful movement defending the sacred everywhere.

The Prayer

Connecting to the great spirit of the Earth

We connect with our heartbeats to the wonder and sacredness of life.

We connect with the heartbeat of the Earth, with her web of light, her beauty and power. Her heart and our hearts are one heart.

We accept the power of an open heart and the responsibility that comes to us from this source.

We honor the sacred fire that burns in our hearts. We connect with the power that is able to protect life.

We connect with the power that gives breath and life to all beings. We allow this power to enter – the power of universal love.

We honor the polarity of all existence: water and fire, night and day, feminine
and masculine, in dynamic balance.

We greet the light of the sun, that gives us the energy to power humane technologies.

We greet the waters of the Earth, the springs, lakes, rivers and oceans, and greet the waters within us. Water is life. Water is sacred.

We greet the light of the moon, which guides the terrestrial waters.

We connect with the oil of the Earth. When we imagine an oil lamp, we observe the miracle of how oil turns into a flame. And we must honor this flame, to bring the Earth‘s powers into balance. Oil is sacred, like all resources on this planet. We connect to protect it and keep it in the ground. There is a powerful dragon breathing and sleeping under the Earth, guarding the subterranean power lines, holding and balancing the elements. Whoever disturbs the dragon‘s sleep will awaken its destructive force. Our ancestors knew this and now, we are remembering.

And so, we rise up with a clear “no” to oil exploration, which threatens the habitat of millions of living beings.

We connect with the dream of Indigenous cultures, who have always lived caring for and cooperating with the Earth and all beings.

We acknowledge there is a universal law which honors human rights, Earth rights, animal rights and plant rights equally.

We honor this law with a vision for the future – a global alliance for the protection of all beings on Earth. Defend the sacred.

As a global alliance, we unite around the world. We do not stand in hostility, but we know clearly what we say “no” to.

We connect with the inner certainty of global healing, the vision of a world in which all beings live together in trust and true connection.

We bid farewell to patriarchy and welcome the birth of a new era of partnership in which men and women can learn to recognize and love each other. We rise up with a clear “no” to any kind of sexual violence.

Today, we guard the sacred fire in many places on this Earth. We connect with the power of life, initiating a system change where the social structures of trust and cooperation emerge by themselves. By tapping into a primordial memory in our hearts, our inherent tribal knowledge, we will see the emergence of humane societies in the future. Let us leave behind any kind of domination and enter into cooperation with all that lives.

Ya Azim.

Meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels