The Kosmos Blue Pocket Diary, Our Gift to You

Our newest Kosmos collectible, this blue pocket diary is perfect for keeping record of your thoughts, dreams and aspirations. Some of us at Kosmos use it as a gratitude journal, and writers love it for jotting down ideas and phrases that occur throughout the day.

Made from 100% recycled materials, the diary slips easily into your pocket. It measures 3×5 inches in size and has a durable cover. The diary contains 100 unlined pages and to keep it closed while not in use, there is a blue elastic band attached to the back cover on either end that wraps around the front cover. Keeping track of your place among the pages is simple, with a strand of blue, glossy ribbon attached to the inside top of the notebook’s spine that functions as an elegant bookmark.

For a limited time, the Kosmos Blue Pocket Diary is our special gift to you when you subscribe to Kosmos Journal at the Verdant Level. 

Published in the fall and spring, our bound, full-color journal is delivered to your door to keep, enjoy and share. As a Print Edition Member, you automatically receive access to the digital versions of the Journal and membership in Kosmos Community. Awarded for excellence by Images and Voices of Hope (with Frontline and TED, and selected as a ‘Quality Alternative Media Source’ by Films for Action (alongside Bill Moyers, Grist, and Truthout), the wisdom and beauty of Kosmos Journal is yours to enjoy, delivered right to your door, or to a loved one. And this is perfect timing – our new edition comes out May 1!

In addition to all the benefits of subscribing to Kosmos Journal, we have partnered with OneTreePlanted to plant five trees in the Colorado Rockies in your honor, or in honor of a loved one, to offset the carbon cost of printing and mailing. Join us in our effort to help restore our beautiful planet! You also receive full membership in Kosmos Community. It’s all yours as a Verdant Subscriber.

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The diary is also our gift to you when you contribute to Kosmos at the $30 Scribe Level. Your donation also includes the many benefits of membership in Kosmos Community, including our Community News delivered to your inbox each month, private forums, invitations to live and online events, and special opportunities to engage more deeply with Kosmos.

At the $50 Seeker Level, you ALSO receive our signature Kosmos blue meditation bracelet! Each agate, a mineral of the Quartz family, is a blue world unto itself. Forming close to the Earth’s surface, usually in volcanic rock, agates have been used as amulets and ornamentation since Babylonian times. Agate’s slower vibration, compared to other stones was regarded as a stabilizing and strengthening influence. Its uses in healing spread through the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations, Africa and the Middle East and into Russia.

img_9973Our Kosmos-blue bracelet contains one ‘gratitude’ crystal of pyrite. To the Incas and Aztecs, Pyrite’s magical properties included divination and defense against negative energies – ‘seeing behind facades to what is real’.

Sustainably sourced.

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You can also purchase the Pocket Diary on it’s own for $10, including domestic shipping:

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