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Spirit of Global Citizenship

In the Winter edition of Kosmos Quarterly we will be exploring what it means to be a Global Citizen. How can we move beyond platitudes and declarations, toward deep systemic transformation – new institutional designs and new ways of being in the world that reflect our highest hopes and respect nature’s boundaries? In what ways can we express the civic values of a global citizen? How are you personally working to embody the changes you wish to see in the world? What projects, models or initiatives give you the greatest sense of hope?

We invite you to submit an essay up to 1000 words, a poem, or other artwork, on any of these dimensions or in answer to the question: What does ‘global citizenship’ evoke in your heart? We will choose several works to publish in our Quarterly and on our website.

Deadline: November 15, 2018 | Use the Submission Form below for written works.
For all other media, contact info@kosmosjournal.org directly, with the subject line: Submission Inquiry.

Before you submit, please take a look at our guidelines.

Warm wishes from the Kosmos Team!


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