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All Things Are a Commons

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A commons isn’t a shared space for multiple lives but rather the space of their shared lives.

The Holomovement

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In recognition of Bohm’s vision and the subsequent realization of the synergistic energy arising, the term “holomovement” perfectly describes the sociological phenomenon underlying the worldwide movement towards unity.

Century of Awakening

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We resacralize something by treating it with respect and reverence. Even the simple act of drinking tea can be a profound act.

Our Struggle Is with Illusion

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Einstein called the misinterpreted self “an optical illusion of consciousness”, the incessant stream of chatter in our heads we call “me, mine, I.”

Turning Our Crises Around from the Inside Out

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Classically, in a rite of passage, there is a deep descent into the darkness, the heart of the unknown, and a return home, bearing its light and its gifts, healing and transformation. Today we are being called to make this passage, each in our own way, personally and collectively.