Joni Carley

Joni Carley

Dr. Joni Carley consults and advises private and public sector leaders and their teams. Her expertise in values-driven leadership and cultural development draws on a unique depth and breadth of experience—ranging from the jungle to the boardroom, from the C-suite to the podium, the African Bush to Asian Temples, and from universities to the United Nations, where she is currently Vice Chair of the Coalition for Global Citizenship 2030 and serves as Advisor and Senior Fellow at Nonviolence International, New York.

Joni has a doctorate in The Reinvention of Work, was a contributor to Stepping Stones to Success, vol 1, with Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield, and has written for Kosmos Journal, and for Huffington Post’s blog, Thrive Global. She is an ordained inter-spiritual minister who has trekked the world discovering keys to human potential and to mojo management. In addition to offering individual consultation, cultural assessment, workshops, and inspirational and informational talks for leaders, Joni co-creates inter-spiritual programs that celebrate the mysterious spark of life that is unique in each of us and common to all. 


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The Alchemy of Power


Small and large businesses, schools, governmental, nongovernmental, and civic organizations are demonstrating what decades of studies bear out: operationalizing values is the best insurance for living and working with robust people, within robust economies, on a robust planet.

We Are All Global Citizens | Seeing Ourselves in the Advancement of All


Our Keynote authors represent the Coalition for Global Citizenship (CGC2030). The Coalition, based at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, advocates that governments, public and private sectors, and civil society, all work from a basis of values of just and fair treatment, inclusion and cooperation.

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