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The Wisdom of Our Ancestors


The frontiers of science now give us an ever-deepening understanding of the interdependence of life. Quantum physics tells us that relationships, not particles, are the foundation of what we experience as material reality.

Realigning with Earth Wisdom


In this edition of Kosmos, you will find the wisdom of the elephant and the hummingbird, indigenous wisdom, the knowledge of the farmer, the mystic, the scientist. Tree wisdom. Ocean wisdom. Glacier wisdom.

The Ecozoans


Everyone who breathes air, drinks water, takes in nourishment from the land, marvels at the moon, sun, and stars, and is conscious of being energized by wondrous processes that evolved over billions of years is an Ecozoan.

Gravity and Allurement


What is the force that makes the moon want to be with the Earth, and the Earth want to be with the Sun? You could call it gravity, but that is such a grave term for allurement. We might as well call it Love.

Vision and Change | Fermentation as Metaphor


Fermentation is extremely versatile as a metaphor. Inside our minds, frequently, ideas ferment as we think about them and imagine how they might play out.

True Health | What if the Virus is the Medicine?


The emerging pandemic is already a watershed of the early 21st century: things won’t ever be the same. Yet for all that the havoc that the virus is wreaking, directly and indirectly, it may also be part of the bitter medicine the global body needs.

Economic Justice and Ecological Regeneration


Our crucial task is to incorporate these principles of traditional wisdom into an integrated system of values that can redirect humanity away from catastrophe, and toward a flourishing future. One where our shared identity expands beyond parochial boundaries to include, not just all humanity, but all sentient beings, and the vibrancy of the entire living Earth. Ultimately, it is our values that guide our actions—and will shape our future.

Art in a Time of Catastrophe


At such a time, are the arts irrelevant, a luxury? To the contrary, they have an essential place both in grieving for what is lost and in imagining new human possibilities.

Active Hope | Time with Joanna Macy


She is close to ninety, and I wanted to be able to work with her before she completely passes the baton to others.

The Next Civilization, with Jeremy Lent


These received ideas that we have about meaning, how do they actually arise? Whose word are these ideas from?