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Art in a Time of Catastrophe


At such a time, are the arts irrelevant, a luxury? To the contrary, they have an essential place both in grieving for what is lost and in imagining new human possibilities.

Active Hope | Time with Joanna Macy


She is close to ninety, and I wanted to be able to work with her before she completely passes the baton to others.

The Next Civilization, with Jeremy Lent


These received ideas that we have about meaning, how do they actually arise? Whose word are these ideas from?

A Cry for Help


I like to consider myself a helper, but when our son, Jon, took his life on Easter weekend of 2019, I could no longer think of myself as a successful helper. In my own eyes, I instantly became a failed one.

New Spirit, Wise Action


The times we live in ask much of us. How can we know the best ways to respond to the converging crises we face? How can we live lives of deep meaning and joy in the midst of confusion and pain, and be catalysts for positive change?

Eating as if Life and the Planet Mattered


Marge | I believe that humans have a very vital, beautiful role by being part of this planet- this living community. I think our role is to use our awareness, our great combination of intelligence and heart to create a harmonious environment for all living beings and non-living beings.

The Holy Grail of Restoration


Over historical time the vegetative cover and evolutionary biodiversity of the Sinai has been in large part lost. Imagine the importance if it were possible to restore the region to ecological health.

Chama River Revelations


What I love in the world is asking something of me—not only to reflect its beauty, but also to express its vulnerability, its potential demise. I notice fewer songbirds returning to my water fountain each season. I am observing an absence. How do I articulate the hole in the picture, the silenced voice?

Paradise Lost | The Sequel


Just as we’ve mapped earth’s geography to the last square block, we need to do the same with its ecology. A new breed of global power brokers needs to create this new mapping with the goal of it becoming a planetary vital signs monitor that is easily accessible to us all.

The Power of Community


‘Ecovillages’—communities that consciously regenerate life within and around them—start appearing when we notice that the world really needs us to wake up and come fully present now. 'Business as usual' is no longer an option. Then we find that we have an endless capacity to find intelligent and different solutions.