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With Four Freedoms, Four Responsibilities


"'We the People' means that my freedom depends on your freedom. Similarly, if freedom for one of us is removed or restricted, it jeopardizes freedom for us all—and for the larger democratic principles we all hold dear. That’s why, when we live in a free society, we are charged with protecting freedom for one another through our responsibilities to one another."

How to Have a Community Conversation


A growing number of community organizers, hoping to bring neighborhoods together, have successfully used Community Conversations to work through differences and resolve local issues within their neighborhood or larger region.

Way of Council | Speaking and Listening from the Heart


Council is an ancient way and modern practice whose roots are within the natural world, spanning diverse cultures and religions. This practice elicits an experience of true community, recognizing that each voice needs to be heard, that every person has a gift, a story to share, a piece of the whole.

The Bridge to Tomorrow is a Work-in-Progress


It’s not sufficient anymore to know about the benefits of connection. We must dynamically partake of this capacity to be together in a way that improves our individual health outcomes.

Envisioning the Beloved Community


After edging close to the brink of ecological and societal collapse and after enduring enormous suffering on our precious Earth, enough people of good will and skillfulness were able to do just enough to pull us back from that brink so that complex life on earth might continue.  We now live in the Beloved Community.

23 Million Trees Planted!

Mixed Media

"All our wisdom is stored in the trees." - Santosh Kalwar

The Power of Pausing


What if we could remember, again and again, to stop – to just “be” – if only for a second?

The Tree Saviors of Chipko Andolan | A Woman-led Movement in India


Chipko means "to hug," "to embrace." Women declared that they would hug the trees to protect them—loggers would have to kill them before they felled the trees.

What is Solidarity?


As we start to see how all oppression is connected, we can also start to see glimpses of how all healing is connected. And that our own liberation is not only bound up with that of others but that our collective future is dependent on it.