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23 Million Trees Planted!

Mixed Media

"All our wisdom is stored in the trees." - Santosh Kalwar

The Power of Pausing


What if we could remember, again and again, to stop – to just “be” – if only for a second?

The Tree Saviors of Chipko Andolan | A Woman-led Movement in India


Chipko means "to hug," "to embrace." Women declared that they would hug the trees to protect them—loggers would have to kill them before they felled the trees.

What is Solidarity?


As we start to see how all oppression is connected, we can also start to see glimpses of how all healing is connected. And that our own liberation is not only bound up with that of others but that our collective future is dependent on it.

Power Colours Memories Identity Fighting


“And it doesn’t matter if they bury us, Because we are like seeds.”

Freedom and Energy from Healing White Racism


Friends of color tell me they want primarily two things from white people: to show up for justice and to do our own work with white people at dismantling racism.

Hitching for Hope, with Ruairí McKiernan


I think there’s a great moment upon us now, whereby all the rules are being disrupted. I was about to say a rewritten, but they’re not rewritten yet.

How We Win | Divestment and Nonviolent Direct Action


One reason to target a bank was the interface between the climate crisis and the economy. We observed that the economic class that sets the direction for the U.S. refuses to accept responsibility for climate consequences. By pressuring a bank to take responsibility for the consequences of its practices, we would be pushing a higher standard of behavior.