Eva Willmann de Donlea

Eva Willmann de Donlea

Eva Willmann de Donlea and Calixto Suarez Villafañe are directors of 1Earth Institute Inc.

What makes 1Earth Institute Inc. unique is that our Directors Board and our Advisory Board consist of a balanced Indigenous-Non-indigenous representation. We work globally and are incorporated in the USA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with offices in the USA & Australia. Our focus is on the integration of sustainable solutions from a shared knowledge base.

At the heart of our 1Earth Institute educational programs & corporate training is inspiring the reclamation of a wiser consciousness to inform corporate and policy decisions. We want to form the building blocks for a common language that bridges cultural barriers and decolonizes our thinking, we know that the transfer of understanding across knowledge systems is fundamental to any true cross-cultural partnership.

Indigenous Worldview Is a Source We Now Urgently Need


The Mamos want the world to hear their warning and their deep concerns about the precarious state of all life on Mother Earth: “Our ancestors left us in this space, caring for and harmonizing the Earth and Humanity. We live in harmony with all nature’s beings: water, earth, fire, wind, the sun, humans, and also animals and plants, which are essence of the divine.”