Institutional Transformation

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Breaking Out of the Domination Trance


I have been asked to tell you about the findings from my research identifying the core components of a safer, more equitable, and caring world—especially one where women and children are finally safe—a goal that is very close to my heart.

Evolving Toward Cooperation


Of course, the question was—after a century and a half of “Social Darwinism” claiming that it was all about competition, from the lowest to the highest—could our world now dominated by the shark-tank rubrics of business, economics, and politics adjust to this astounding news? Could it realize that because of this basic blunder about Darwin’s message, we had, in fact, ended up with dystopia instead of utopia?

Global Citizenship | An Emerging Agenda in Education


Introduced at an early stage of child development, global citizenship education enhances mutual respect and understanding, tolerance, and cultural literacy, while substantially weakening the power of radicalized messages.

Presence at the Edge of Our Practice


Humanity is in a time of transition, one that we can navigate successfully only with a shift in consciousness. How can we wake up from the collective neuroses that have driven our civilization into decadence and decline?

Dynamic Governance


The 21st century is witnessing hundreds of millions of people caught up in cascading systemic transformation. Global society has crossed a threshold. We’ve entered the time of the Great Transition—a time when we hospice outworn ways of living that no longer serve us and the Earth, and give birth to an emergent, more compassionate, and resilient future.

Unleashing Our Potential to Create A Whole New World


If the unrealized potential of humanity had a sound, it would blare like a sound cannon used to scatter unruly […]

Towards a New Activism to Effectively Support a Transition to a Post-Growth Economy


The Broken Stories of Mainstream Activism To this day, few civil society organisations are promoting the much-needed transition to a […]

From Punitive to Restorative Justice


Restorative justice is nothing new--global indigenous peoples and those in peripheral societies have practiced it for ages. It is critical to understand the essence of restorative justice as an opportunity for all involved, not as a forced system or means to an end.

A Grand Strategy for Evolving a New World


Humanity has entered the most extraordinary transition in the evolution of our species. The outcome will be a new human—a […]

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible


Review by Bayo Akomolafe The reader should be aware that this is not your typical review. As a world-weary academic, […]