Institutional Transformation

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Prisons as Monasteries


Unconditional Freedom Project stands for the principle that true freedom is available to every human being, irrespective of external conditions. In fact, we believe that places like prisons, where residents’ lives are strictly regulated, can foster introspection, help heal emotional wounds, and lead individuals to discover purpose and meaningfulness in their lives.

Parliament Statement on the Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision


As a multi-religious society and world, it is important that no religious tradition impose its moral or ethical values on others' religious beliefs through the agency of the government.

Finding Ben | Mental Health, Justice, and Healing


After his son took his own life, a veteran journalist finds healing and hope in a San Quentin Prison men's group called Guiding Rage Into Power (GRIP). A new journalism Fellowship for improved mental health reporting gives voice to the silenced. VIDEO | ESSAY | INTERVIEW

Coronavirus Spells the End of the Neoliberal Era. What’s Next?


Coronavirus is a political crucible, melting down and reshaping current norms. Will the new era be a “Fortress Earth” or a harbinger of a transformed society based on a new set of values?

The Alchemy of Power


Small and large businesses, schools, governmental, nongovernmental, and civic organizations are demonstrating what decades of studies bear out: operationalizing values is the best insurance for living and working with robust people, within robust economies, on a robust planet.

Collective Trauma and Our Emerging Future 


When we talk about the current situation in the 21st century, one of the few things most people would agree on is that, yes, we do live in an age of disruption. That means the future is going to be different from the past.

Breaking Out of the Domination Trance


I have been asked to tell you about the findings from my research identifying the core components of a safer, more equitable, and caring world—especially one where women and children are finally safe—a goal that is very close to my heart.

Sacred Diplomacy in the Emerging Ecozoic Era


International diplomats are worn out from the toxic politics, overriding militarism, and positional bargaining for land, money, and power that define present negotiations.

Evolving Toward Cooperation


Of course, the question was—after a century and a half of “Social Darwinism” claiming that it was all about competition, from the lowest to the highest—could our world now dominated by the shark-tank rubrics of business, economics, and politics adjust to this astounding news? Could it realize that because of this basic blunder about Darwin’s message, we had, in fact, ended up with dystopia instead of utopia?

Global Citizenship | An Emerging Agenda in Education


Introduced at an early stage of child development, global citizenship education enhances mutual respect and understanding, tolerance, and cultural literacy, while substantially weakening the power of radicalized messages.