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A Global Governance Paradigm Shift | First Principles First


We now have the unprecedented capacity, resources, connectivity and urgency to stake claim to a reality that reflects our highest vision of who we can be as a species.

We The “Peoples” | The UN at 75


Throughout the ages, humanity has been advancing on a winding path towards higher degrees of maturity. The well-being of humankind is not static; it requires ever greater degrees of commitment to fulfilling ever increasing ambitions. At each stage, even significant advances may prove inadequate. And it is in these moments of great crisis when humanity is called on, by virtue of the prevailing circumstances, to reconsider its trajectory.

Re-Imagining America


We are individually and collectively in the same boat; how do we become more caring, loving human beings while creating a society which fosters equality, relationship, opportunity, freedom and love?

Holacracy | An Emergent Order System


BR | Instead of asking how do we get better top-down control, I think a more interesting question is how can we change the fundamental frame to not need top-down control?

Sacred Diplomacy in the Emerging Ecozoic Era


International diplomats are worn out from the toxic politics, overriding militarism, and positional bargaining for land, money, and power that define present negotiations.

Globalism-Nationalism, the New Left-Right


The Information Revolution is shifting the axis of our contemporary political system. While the old Left-Right divide will remain for the foreseeable future, a new schism is arising to form the crux of our political beliefs—the Globalism-Nationalism divide.

Liquid Democracy and the Future of Governance


Westphalian Sovereignty was created to end the Thirty Years’ War, but is it adaptable enough to underpin our current geopolitical system? It might be time for an update.

Breaking Out of the Domination Trance


I have been asked to tell you about the findings from my research identifying the core components of a safer, more equitable, and caring world—especially one where women and children are finally safe—a goal that is very close to my heart.

We Are All Global Citizens | Seeing Ourselves in the Advancement of All


Our Keynote authors represent the Coalition for Global Citizenship (CGC2030). The Coalition, based at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, advocates that governments, public and private sectors, and civil society, all work from a basis of values of just and fair treatment, inclusion and cooperation.

Making Politics Sacred Again


The founding fathers warned us of times like these. Intent on presenting a unified front to the world, they discouraged factions and political parties. I, therefore, characterize the birth of the nation as a form of Unitive Consciousness, even if it was not the most evolved nor long-lasting form.