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Sacred Diplomacy in the Emerging Ecozoic Era


International diplomats are worn out from the toxic politics, overriding militarism, and positional bargaining for land, money, and power that define present negotiations.

Making Politics Sacred Again


The founding fathers warned us of times like these. Intent on presenting a unified front to the world, they discouraged factions and political parties. I, therefore, characterize the birth of the nation as a form of Unitive Consciousness, even if it was not the most evolved nor long-lasting form.

Dynamic Governance


The 21st century is witnessing hundreds of millions of people caught up in cascading systemic transformation. Global society has crossed a threshold. We’ve entered the time of the Great Transition—a time when we hospice outworn ways of living that no longer serve us and the Earth, and give birth to an emergent, more compassionate, and resilient future.

America’s Dirtiest Secret: How to Take Your Power Back


I’ve got a dirty secret that almost nobody in America knows. You see, Americans have this very popular notion that […]

Polarized America. Polarized Self: A Call for Collaboration


I live in a polarized body. My very being is compromised by competing characteristics. Mexican-American heritage–bilingual, bicultural. College-educated millennial on […]

Finding Political Understanding with a Single Question


Disruption. Innovation. Disruptive innovation. These oft-cited drivers of sustained and meaningful change will not lead Americans to a better democracy. […]

Millennials and the Shifting Political Climate: A Chance for Libertarianism to Emerge


The 2016 presidential election has been a disaster for young people. Between the dishonest pandering of Hillary Clinton and the […]

Can We Harness Conflict?


Notice that the question in the title is not can we ‘end’ conflict, or even ‘manage’ or ‘contain’ it. These […]

Mystical Anarchism: A Journey to the Borderlands of Freedom


On Beginnings They say it takes a certain type of personality to be a radical. Questioning of the status quo, […]

My Experience Running a Spiritually-Based Political Campaign


Politics and Spirituality Come Together I was a candidate for the presidency of Chile. Was it a dream or a […]