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The Deschooling Dialogues: Grief, Collapse, and Mysticism


Alnoor: ...There is no doubt that we are in the midst of unprecedented moment where there is no return to old certainties. Part of this pain that we are facing in the world is a pathway toward transformation. Or will we perish in the horror of the onslaught that we are facing?



...The car is now standing still. I smell the disaster before I see it. A smell of fuel and burnt steel. Where are the kids? Not in the car. I look for them on the highway. I find their bodies. I take care of them until ambulances arrive. While running from one child to another, I discover strength in me.

Presence at the Edge of Our Practice


Humanity is in a time of transition, one that we can navigate successfully only with a shift in consciousness. How can we wake up from the collective neuroses that have driven our civilization into decadence and decline?

Kali Takes the World: Dark Night of the World Soul


By Vera de Chalambert These dark nights strip the soul of old spiritual ideas and attachments, and through radical spiritual disorientation, abandonment, and finally annihilation, they bring the soul into ultimate union.

Science and Religion: Toward a Universal Path of Divine Love


How did you move from mathematical physics and environmental science to gender equity and reconciliation, and then to the universal […]

Oasis of White Silence in the Heart of Manhattan


“Art is God’s way of clearing the path to our hearts.” These are the words of Dominique de Menil, who […]

The Soul of Humanity and the New Civilization


The things we now esteem fixed shall, one by one, detach themselves like ripe fruit from our experience and fall… […]

Nondual Christianity – Seriously?


In fall 2009, I was on a homebound flight from San Francisco that happened also to be carrying several returning […]

Pilgrimage: A Path of Practice for the New Activism


It was a long day on El Camino, The Way of Saint James, the famed thousand-year old pilgrimage route across […]