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The Indwelling Spirit


Our spiritual commons includes the pure positive potential that flows upward from the Indwelling Spirit into our personal field of consciousness where it manifests as humanity’s eight positive core qualities of thought and action

Joanna Macy | Climate Crisis as Spiritual Path

Mixed Media

This 20-minute (fully transcribed) video of Joanna Macy is derived from previously unused outtakes for a film released in 2014, titled: 'The Wisdom to Survive'. Upon review of the original interview, we found certain statements even more relevant now.

Autobiography of a Yogi | 75 Years On


In the chapter “Years in My Master’s Hermitage” from the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, Paramahansa Yogananda describes the masterful qualities of his guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar.

Our Spiritual Commons


The spiritual commons is a territory for souls to do the work and play of souls. It is a place of operation for our non-physical aspects like consciousness, inspiration, intuition, meaning and contentment.

Synthesis and the Intuitive Mind


The widespread accessibility of the spiritual commons today is significant because it prepares us for revelation and sets us on a path towards new understandings of synthesis, and a new awareness of the relation between part and whole; self and other; local national and global.

Realigning with Earth Wisdom


In this edition of Kosmos, you will find the wisdom of the elephant and the hummingbird, indigenous wisdom, the knowledge of the farmer, the mystic, the scientist. Tree wisdom. Ocean wisdom. Glacier wisdom.

Notes Toward New Religions


In my view, the fact that we can’t identify further evidence for a transcendent purpose shouldn’t keep us from embracing it, because most of what will become the totality of human knowledge still awaits discovery.

Reclaiming Spiritual Wholeness


Despite core teachings of love and nonviolence, in both Eastern and Western scriptures, story after story and commandment after commandment idealize the infliction or suffering of pain.

Awakening to Life


Can we wake up in time to appreciate our collective identity and participate in something greater than our fixed selves?

Thoughtforms | The materialization of sustained ideas


When we learn to consistently take our attention away from the “particle world” of matter and focus on the “wave world” of frequency and vibration, we become aware of a broader range of frequencies that offer access to dimensions beyond the world of form.