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They Sang with a Thousand Tongues: The Poetry of Diversity


Let me tell you a story about how the world began. I promise you the story is not completely untrue. […]

Women Cross DMZ to Make Peace in Korean Peninsula


Women’s Hope to End Longest Forgotten War Thirty international women peacemakers from 15 countries walked across the demilitarized zone between […]

A Great Transition? Where We Stand


The following was delivered as a keynote address at the biennial conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) […]

Awakening the Divine Spark in the Spirit of Humanity


The Fuji Declaration Read the Declaration Almost a decade ago, the Goi Peace Foundation, together with our partners including Kosmos […]

The Deeper News: Patterns, Dynamics and Mindsets Shaping the Longer View


It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion. ~ Carl Sagan […]

The Great Transition: Journey of an Idea


The jury is still out on whether the Great Transition Initiative’s hoped-for Great Transition will be realized; its achievement rests on the emergence of a planetary movement of concerned citizens buoyed by the conviction that together they can change the world.

The Widening Circle After Rio+20: Advancing the Campaign for a Global Citizens Movement


Realizing early that the Rio+20 Summit was heading towards failure, The Widening Circle (TWC) went to Rio de Janeiro to join those who wanted to see beyond the summit and collectively plan our transition to the Great Transition towards a sustainable future.

The Arab Spring: A Mythological Journey or a Myth?


The celebration of Ramadan in the Arab World in 2011 has been unlike any other Ramadan in recent memory. For the proceeding five years every night during this holy month of fasting the Arab street was glued to their TV’s watching a drama series called Bab El Hara, which loosely translates to ‘The Neighborhood Gate.’ The show is about local heroes in Damascus defending their ancestral homes against the tyranny of French colonialists. This Ramadan, the highest rated TV viewership is the trial of a tyrant who’s not a colonialist but is one of their own, Hosni Mubarak.

What Does it Mean to be a Global Citizen? (Serbian Translation)


U našoj organizaciji 'Pokret gradjana sveta' (The Global Citizens' Initiative – u daljem tekstu se koristi engleska skraćenica: GCI), mi obično kažemo da je 'gradjanin sveta «neko ko sebe doživljava pripadnikom jedne svetske zajednice u zečetku, čije delovanje doprinosi onim vrednostima i delovanju za koje se opredelila ova nastajuća svetska zajednica.»