Bruce Schuman

Bruce Schuman

Bruce Schuman is an “integral thinker” who has followed a vision of network-supported co-creativity all of his life. A native Californian, born in Berkeley and raised in Monterey, with roots in Big Sur and the Haight/Ashbury, he began his work in psychology and philosophy with a study of mandalas at UC Santa Cruz in 1966.

From an initial vision of a “mandala of logic”, similar to the ideas of 12th C. Spanish mystic Ramon Lull, Bruce took up the cause of Edmund Husserl’s “Philosophy as a Rigorous Science” and began developing models of deep intuition based on science and logic. These ideas led to concepts in “Algebraic Epistemology”, including the “Universal Hierarchy of Abstraction” (the conceptual structure of the mind as essentially hierarchical and taxonomic), “Synthetic Dimensionality” (a dimensional analysis of universal hierarchy, based on the concept of “distinction” and influenced by fractals and G. Spencer Brown), and the “Bridge Across Consciousness” project (right/left brain, and the question of whether all religions point to the same reality).

Today, Bruce is exploring ways that human beings can reason together to solve our collective problems. He supposes that an integral political dialogue, led by deep intuition and “oneness”, and taking the form of interconnected “circles of trust” supported through the internet, is probably the strongest and most direct route to a co-creative human future based on democracy, wisdom and science.


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