Editorials of Nancy Roof

Spiritual Discovery

There is something paradoxical about crisis. Why is it that at our
most dark and despairing moments, some mysterious force enters our
psyche to pull us forward, to elevate our consciousness and invite a
brand new perspective? This is what I discovered over and over again as I
served the role of spiritual guide to hundreds of aspiring individuals
for twenty years in the 1970s and early 80s.

Those were exciting times—times of emergence of the human potential
movement, Eastern spirituality and deep experiential practices. We
recognized that the human psyche had the capacity to evolve beyond
cultural conditioning to the realization of a higher authentic Self—the
Soul. We questioned the meaning of life and different worldviews and
asked, “Who am I?” We became explorers of the inner life.

I was privileged to share this untraveled path with many on an
intimate basis, and as I did, I began to see unexpected patterns of
development. Most of my clients would begin their self-exploration on a
surface level, solving compelling issues that arose in their
relationships and outer lives. This was the domain of traditional
psychology. As these issues were resolved, deeper layers of their inner
worlds were revealed. The surprising discovery was that the deeper they
went into layer upon layer of unresolved crises from the past, the more
available was their intuitive power and the inner guidance that is the
gift of higher consciousness.

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