Spring | Summer 2010

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spring | summer 2010
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Inequality: The Enemy Between
Us? Why Inequality Matters
Richard Wilkinson and Kate
America: Enemy of Change,
Midwife of the Future
Michael Vlahos
Institutional Corruption |
When Purpose and Trust are Misplaced
Lawrence Lessig Read now
Listening to the Voice of
Steven Kull
Philanthropy for the Common
The Dangers of
Michael Edwards
Strengthen the Commons NOW!
Authorship, Silke Helfrich et al.
Special Feature
The Commons of Mind, Life and
Matter: Toward a
Non-Polar Framework for Global Negotiations 
James Bernard Quilligan Read now
Has the Internet Changed the
Way You Think?
An Intermedia with 2 Billion
Screens Peering into It
Kevin Kelly
Beauty and the
Piero Ferrucci
Caring for the Soul of the
Robert Sardello Read now
Creative Stress | A Path for
Evolving Souls Living
through Personal and Planetary Upheaval
James O’Dea
Robert Sardello
Emergence: Kalliopeia Gathering
Steve Nation

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Inequality: The Enemy Between Us? Why Inequality Matters


Why do the poor suffer more from almost every health and social problem? Death rates are higher from cardiovascular disease, […]

Commons Action for the United Nations


All of us share sources of wealth that are beyond market goods and monetary prices but critical to our survival and quality of life.The global commons consists of these shared resources, as well as the committed people who work for the common good and serve as stewards of our collective resources. Neither today’s problems nor their solutions exist without people. Appreciating the valueof a commons is as old as humanity itself, yet as forward-looking as our most advanced technology.

Kosmos Global Ambassador Program


Kosmos is pleased to announce our Global Ambassador program, a new outreach to educate and empower people to become socially engaged for the global common good. This small but growing group of volunteers—all international travelers in their careers—use our journal to start conversations and inspire others to contribute to the global commons movement. Much more than magazine distribution, this program is about sharing the hopefulness of a new world community. As you will see below, Ambassadors serve in their own unique ways, wherever their paths go.

Listening to the Voice of Humanity


When we look at world conditions and project current trends into the future we see much that is disturbing—environmental degradation, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, persisting poverty and injustice, violent conflict, the fiscal collapse of democratic governments. The institutions that have the greatest power—nation states, corporations, and organized interest groups—seem locked in patterns of self-interested behavior such that the necessary changes are hard to imagine.

Seven Acupuncture Points for Shifting Capitalism to Create a Regenerative Ecosystem Economy


This paper explores the underlying system of thought that has led to our current economic, ecological, social, and spiritual crisis and proposes new ideas and leverage points for a green, inclusive, and intentional ecosystem economy.

Spiritual Discovery


There is something paradoxical about crisis. Why is it that at our most dark and despairing moments, some mysterious force enters our psyche to pull us forward, to elevate our consciousness and invite a brand new perspective?

The Commons of Mind, Life and Matter: Toward a Non-Polar Framework for Global Negotiations


The term commons was first used during the enclosure period in Britain when people were removed from their communal lands. Since then, commons have come to represent areas of co-governance and co-production that lie outside of the market and state sectors (or Market State), including food, water, clean air, energy, information, internet, culture, indigenous peoples’ rights and other concerns.

Institutional Corruption | When Purpose and Trust are Misplaced


Increasingly, I feel like a passenger on a plane watching a pilot flirting with a flight attendant during a thunderstorm. My surgeon seems more concerned about her tee time on the golf course. Half of the drivers around me incessantly talk on their cell phones.