Editorials of Nancy Roof

Role of the Commons

The first draft of my letter to you was almost written when the stunning
news hit my desk. We, at Kosmos, are committed to introducing the ideas
and principles of the commons, the first to publish the groundbreaking
ideas of James B. Quilligan and to expand the field to the global scale.
Now the Nobel Prize for new economics has made the ‘commons’ a
household word overnight. With the foresight of a true visionary, Elinor
Ostrom, the co-recipient of the economic sciences 2009 award, has spent
decades researching the commons. She realized long before most of us
the dire consequences to our freedom and creativity when private
interests buy properties and rights that belong to all of us in common.
We salute Elinor Ostrom for founding the commons field of inquiry and
James B. Quilligan for expanding the theory and principles to the global
scale. Read his latest article on the multilateralism of the commons in
this issue.

Full text available in the PDF file.