Fall | Winter 2009

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fall | winter 2009
Carolina Prophet | Poem for
Thomas Berry
Drew Dellinger
Editorial Read
Feature Articles
State of the World | From Here
to Where?
Richard David Hames
The Emerging New Story
Jean Houston
Global Citizens, Part I
Mark Gerzon Read
Global Citizens, Part II
Mark Gerzon
Candidate for President of the
Philippines 2010
An Interview with Nicanor
The Gift Economy | Generosity
Nipun Mehta
People Sharing Resources
Toward a New Multilateralism of the Global Commons
James Bernard Quilligan Read
In Memoriam | Thomas Berry
Ervin Laszlo
2020 Climate Leadership
Outcomes of Launch in Belo
Horizonte, Brazil
Jim Garrison and Emilia
Queiroga Barros
Personal Reflections on the
2020 Campaign
Helen Titchen Beeth
Global Alliance for
Transformative Entertainment
An Interview with John
Räätz Read
Transformative Media | Images
and Voices of Hope
Stephanie Shorter
Educating Global Citizens |
Mind and Life Conference
Comments | Nancy Roof and
Stephanie Shorter

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Launching the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment


John Räätz is a pioneer in the growing genre of transformational media and entertainment and the founder of the Global […]

Educating Global Citizens for the 21st Century


Mind and Life Institute Conference, October 2009 With comments by Nancy Roof and Stephanie Shorter How can our educational system […]

Global Citizens, Part I


“Why do the people in France hate us?” a second year student, one of almost three hundred seated in the large lecture hall, asked me. “They tried to attack the Olympic torch when it was passing through Paris. Is that because they don’t like our country?” For a split second, I was speechless. I knew the answer to the Chinese student’s question.

Global Citizens | Part II


Five Levels of Global Citizens When basic freedoms take root, citizenship begins to evolve. To understand this process of evolution, […]

The Rise of the Commons


We, the people of the world, own most of this planet in common. Our future depends on learning to use and develop this commons for the good of the total, and not just for the few. Here in the Far North we built a new state based on that concept. It’s the only place like it. The Alaskan people, through our state government, won ownership of much of our land and our natural resources. Using neither classic capitalism nor socialism, we have developed a new way to prosperity, based on common ownership and rooted in constitutional democracy.

The Gift Economy | Generosity 2.0


My wife and I were on a walking pilgrimage in a sparsely populated region of Western India when we were approached by a radiant villager. “I would like to offer you a meal,” he said, “Will you accept my offering?” When we gladly agreed he added, “We don’t have any running water or electricity in our small hut. Our family is poor but we like to give from whatever we have.”

Reclaim the Commons Manifesto


Humankind is suffering from an unprecedented campaign of privatization and commodification of the most basic elements of life: nature, culture, human work and knowledge itself. In countless arenas, businesses are claiming our shared inheritance— sciences, creative works, water, the atmosphere, health, education, genetic diversity, even living creatures—as private property. A compulsive quest for short-term financial gain is sacrificing the prosperity of all and the stability of the Earth itself.

Role of the Commons


With the foresight of a true visionary, Elinor Ostrom, the co-recipient of the economic sciences 2009 award, has spent decades researching the commons.

An Interview with John Räätz, Founder of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment


Räätz: I no longer have a definition of transformational media and entertainment. When I hear it or see it, I feel it. I instantly know it! But how can I talk about transformational entertainment or media with others if I don’t want to adhere to a strict definition of what it is? What distinguishes a transformational film from an ordinary Hollywood film, for example?

People Sharing Resources | Toward a New Multilateralism of the Global Commons


The opening decades of this century are a pivotal time in which many of our current beliefs and practices will be reexamined. During the last century, the economic and political catastrophes that befell the world inspired an earlier generation to create a multilateral system defined by an unprecedented vision of cooperation and security for the international community.